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As an Architect or developer, your vision for your building projects are defined by detailed site plans, renderings, elevation drawings and computer design models. Even with all of these tools, nothing can tell your story better than a scale architectural model. 3D architectural scale models communicate and sell your designs whether they are of a high rise, community living project, golf course, ski resort, or civic event center. Archetype 3D architectural model makers are industry leaders in quality, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. Our scale models not only replicate your vision some would swear by looking at photographs of the finished model they are standing at the door step of the real thing—your finished building as you envisioned.

At Archetype 3D we work with you throughout the entire building process. We use your plans, your colors, your details, and we guide you through the myriad of techniques to arrive at the best possible marketing tool. If your architectural scale model lends itself to special effects such as lighting, motorized components or computer interactive features we can provide all of the expert solutions that will make your model stand out.

Resort Architectural Models

Detailed Architectural Models

With as many ski resorts models we have created (literally hundreds), might one with some tropical flair interest you? This model is of Ko’Olina resort, 50 miles north of Waikiki Beach. The interactive elements on this 1″ =30′ scale model are the building lights which are zoned for the various units at different price points. Are you looking for a two bedroom with a mountain view? Press the button for a two bedroom units and only they will light up. Our client didn’t want to stop there, so we created all of the water surfaces in a semi-transparent manner so they look bright when lit from underneath. If you get out to Hawaii I am sure this will be your first exotic stop. Mahalo.

Neighborhood Architectural Models

Master Plan Scale Models

You have a large site and an equally large vision for it. Our master plan models allow you to instantly share your vision with the world. All of the buildings, lots, golf courses, amenities and lifestyle choices can be seen in one location. Lighting with interactive buttons creates a self-guided experience around your entire project, highlighting the best your development has to offer. Get your audience to buy, before you get a shovel dirty.

Architectural models

from our firm will deliver the level of excellence you deserve for your pitch or presentation!

Architectural Models

Mass Models

Have you ever considered the role of a simple mass model in helping to sell or explain your project? Not every venue requires the most elaborate or expensive model. If you can sell your concept using a less expensive display, more power to you. Mass models generally show architectural shapes without all the fenestration and color detail. Many design review boards require extensive detail and those that don’t–may not know what they are missing! The right model shows EVERYTHING IMPORTANT ALL AT ONCE. People see the answers to their questions before they are even asked. Any concerns or revelations can be immediately addressed and smoothed over while viewing the model.

Aerial Architectural Models

Landscaping Scale Models

One of our joys in making models is the ability to replicate the natural world, even if it is an artificial one. Have you ever looked out the window of airplane and considered how to recreate the terrain and vegetation below you? It is a lot of fun when you are taking off and landing because the scale keeps changing. From our perspective, freezing a waterfall in time or blending the seasons together are great therapeutic activities. This 1/8″ scale model of a children’s garden is a great mix of landscape and sculpture. Most of the techniques we have learned over the years are represented here.

Interior Architectural Models

Interior Models

Look inward for a moment, it’s good for the soul. We love interior models for two reasons. First, we get to work in a larger scale than usual, and second, we get to work with unusual materials that mimic real ones. Using sculpture and 3d printing we can create furniture, fixtures — even detail items as small as plates and utensils. Check out our clever painting techniques and stencils for prints on fabric, granite on counter tops, tile, wallpaper, and wood finishes. During the creation of this architectural model in 1/2″ scale we worked with photos, cut sheets and fabric swatches from the interior designer to match every detail including lamps that light up.

Architectural Models

Interactive Architectural Models

Getting the right

architectural models

project going requires a client with a bold vision. Zack Davidson was one who wanted to sell his Landmark development ( in a way that had never been done before in Colorado. He hired Archetype 3D to build his unique model. Every unit in this residential tower has a laser activated switch installed on the back wall. The mass of wires coming from the center of this building go to circuit boards that are connected to a DVD player. Shine a laser in a unit and that room lights up with special effects LED lighting. Simultaneously the flat screen TV behind the model shows the views out the window and a floor plan graphic of your unit. We have built two of these tower models and several smaller residential models for this development.

Museum Architectural Models

Topo Tables

We have created topo tables of Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Tetons, and all of Colorado for various park service showrooms and museums. The most fun we had though was building this topo model showing the Camino Real Trail through Mexico and into the US. The topography detail of this 14 foot long model was stunning and then, after the painting detail and labeling, we implanted 40 LED and created a software system so when the button was pushed and the LED was lit, a voice over narrative came on explaining what happened at that location. This display is available for viewing at El Camino Real International Heritage Center Socorro, New Mexico. If you see it, let me know what you think.

We create sales models for any large development typically found in marketing centers. We understand potential clients want to see the product they are buying before they sign. Our models are the main draw in any marketing center. Clients can be introduced to the overview of the project, see all the amenities that are offered, and instantly, get a sense of lifestyle and their own comfort level with the proposed design/construction. Floor plans, renderings and computer graphics all give different details and explain the specifics of what they are buying, but a scale model is primary sales tool that moves the client to finalize their decision to buy.