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Model Makers at Archetype3D®  have been producing world class models for over three decades. Our talented staff  work with the customer from start to finish during the design and build process. No detail is too small to ensure the customer’s expectations are met. We produce architecture models, commercial models, industrial models, engineering models, prototype models- really, we can build just about anything you can imagine. Contact us today and discover what is possible!

About Archetype3D®

Since 1984, model builders at  Archetype3D® have been serving customer 3d scale model needs. We started making 3D architectural models for the Colorado ski industry and for residential developers. Our company grew to include work building models for architects, real estate, land development, industrial design, engineering, sales and marketing, government, trade shows and prototypes. We have gained national recognition as our 3D scale models and prototypes are now exhibited throughout the US.

Architecture + Land Development

We create sales models for any large development typically found in marketing centers.  Clients want to see the product they are buying before they commit to purchase. Models are the main draw in any marketing center, providing an overview of the property, the amenities, and a sense of lifestyle of the soon-to-come property. 3D models provide the client the needed comfort level to purchase before project completion. Contact us today to discuss your project!

Structural + Civil Engineering

Large-scale civil engineering projects often require a 3D scale model to illustrate the complex process to stakeholders. We have built engineering models of many projects- bridges,  freeway interchanges, multi-faceted transportation roads, and rail projects, cutting-edge bio-fuel plants, windmill energy generating farms and nuclear power reactors. We go out of our way to make the model of your project as realistic as the one planned. Contact us today to discuss your project!

Trade Show + Marketing

Scale Models are still the most powerful Trade Show and Marketing tool available.  Your project becomes interesting and exciting  just by having an intriguing, smaller version of it available. Whether you need a model to show off your product at conventions across the world or are standing up a sales center for your newly-commenced development project, our talented staff can design and build the perfect model to suit your requirements. Contact us today to discuss your project!

Civic + Government Projects

3D Scale Models, whether bidding on a government project or educating the public on how taxpayer funds are being utilized, are valuable tools. We have done a wide range of civil project models f- highway interchanges, ports and land re-purposing are just a few.  We have also done several interactive models for national and state park displays. Our model makers can walk you through the entire design and build process. Contact us today to discuss your project!

".....your company did a flawless job in recreating every element of the actual project."

Charles Riordan, LEWA pumps+systems

"The design illustrated by the model answered all the client questions. The PUD process with the city planners was easier because we were armed with a model that illustrated near and long term changes to the campus. It’s gratifying to see a model work and convey so much information to a wide range of different people in so many different situations.”

Rich Wolfe, Lead Architect Heery International

"... the models proved to be incredibly valuable Public Involvement tools, used to clearly communicate to the public what the proposed roadway/interchange will look like once constructed. The physical static models allow the public to get a better sense of how the entire project will look and how it will fit into the surrounding landscape in a more comprehensive manner."

Jeff Bauer, P.E., CH2M HILL, Senior Transportation Engineer

"We contracted with Archetype 3D to construct a model of a proposed biodiesel refinery. The model was recently shown at the Portland Cement Association Conference held in Colorado Springs. There was no one else there that had such a display. The model was very realistic and drew great interest from major cement manufacturers. We presented to as many as six customers at a time and was able to explain in detail the features and benefits of our refineries. The conference yielded meetings with the top four cement manufacturers in the world and brought us support from an international construction company and environmental solutions companies. We are very pleased with the personal attention we received from the Archetype 3D staff and the quality of the model."

Jeffrey Scott, CTO Genesis Biofuel, Inc., Boulder Colorado

“On every development we’ve worked on for over 20 years we’ve utilized the extremely professional models that Archetype has produced. In each instance the use of these models has proven invaluable by showing in detail what a building or overall development will look like—especially in a pre-construction offering. The 3 dimensional aspect of the models is an effective complement to any computer graphics used and makes it so much easier for our customers to envision what they are buying.”

Tom, Vail Resorts

"The scale model Archetype 3D of the rollover scene clarified facts the defenses counsel misrepresented and stated inaccurately. The physical scale model set the record straight and we settled before going to court a second time."


Mike McCort, Professional Expert/Owner--Ponderosa Associates, Ltd.
Natural History Program Coordinator, Boulder County Parks and Open Space


"The three-dimensional model of Boulder County fabricated by Archetype3D is the most popular component of our 'story in the Rocks' Educational Trailer interpretive program. Archetype3D worked closely with BCPOS staff to design and fabricate the 3D model for our programming needs, including the need for materials and finish that would allow this model to be a sustainable 'hands-on' resource."

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