What if you have skills but nobody wants what you do? This is a great fear right now in many industries. You have skills and tools and expert people who work hard but nobody is interested in your product. The one law that no business can overcome is the law of economics. Last year was a banner year for us and was the right time for our company to move and set up a new shop. I take comfort in the fact that every expert was fooled by this economic down turn so I shouldn’t be upset that I didn’t see it coming. Today my people are busy and we have enough work making 3D architectural display models at this moment. Now is the time to turn Zen Buddhist, live in the moment. Life is good right now, I am breathing, I am living in a cozy home with a beautiful woman. I have a daughter in college studying medical research. Empirically, my life is perfect at this moment. The fact that clients aren’t calling as often and that I have to scrounge every day for work is no different than when I started this company in 1984. The fact that I didn’t have to put out much effort to find work during the last few years was a luxury and was the exception. My anxiety comes from a false vision that things would be easy from here on out. Just when we start to get settled, the universe has a way of stirring the pot. So now I am talking directly to the Universe. “Hey Universe! Would you like a nice architectural 3D model or industrial display piece? How about a model of a satellite to get people interested in what you’re made of? Come on Universe, we have great people, a great location and great skills. I look forward to hearing your reply”

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