Most detailed architectural projects take four to six weeks to construct. More complicated model can take a bit longer. Then came the day that I got a call from a very good client requesting we build a model of their lodge for the opening of their sales office in two weeks. The timing worked out very well as the other projects we had been working in the shop did not have immediate deadlines. The client also had their act together with a full set of plans. Experience has taught me that no matter how complete the plans, there are always surprises on these complicated buildings. So I requested a charrette (a collaborative session in which a group of designers drafts a solution to a problem) for the next day. We had the architects, landscape architects, color designer, and developers all come to our shop for a one day decision making session. The rule was that all choices must be made that day with no changes allowed later. It was an intense meeting with some great collaboration. We created color and material samples on the spot and had them approved. All the plans were gone over and accepted. Only because we all had the same goal and were willing to support each other, exactly two weeks later we delivered the “Cirque” to the sales office at Copper Mountain Colorado. Now that was intense.

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