We take your project’s trade secrets and projects that require non-disclosure agreements seriously at Archetype 3D. Our clients come back to us time and again because they trust we respect their right to maintain a cloak of secrecy to protect their intellectual property. As much as we work to build scale models based on your drawings’ specifications we work to deliver them on your terms for confidentiality as well.

The images here vaguely represent some secret projects (or not). We are disappointed we can not show you some of the most interesting models that we have built—they are top secret after all. We only take pictures for future bragging rights when there will be a time that “secret” project will become public. Then and only then, with your permission do we present the model expertise that went into building it. Until then we quietly go about our business and never to say a word.

There are two types of models we work on that often require confidential protection. First there are scale model projects from inventors or companies with new products. We understand why people don’t want us to show images or discuss this work as competition can be fierce and the roll out of a new product must be carefully orchestrated. The second are the type of clients who takes secrecy very seriously, especially with military and aerospace engineering clients – secrets are no joke to them. We have done work for military training camps, military field equipment and space craft like satelites.

Recently, we have begun work with a client project where the model maker working on one section cannot see what the rest of the shop is building. We have constructed a separate workspace with access to the model making tools that are needed but not to the rest of the shop in order to complete the work.

If maintaining confidential integrity surrounding your trade secrets and intellectual property are vital to your success—we are the model makers for you.

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