Models are still the most powerful sales and educational tool available.

They interact with the human mind in a way that no other medium can replicate. Your project becomes interesting and exciting just by having an intriguing, smaller version of it available. This is not to downplay computer renderings and animations. These are important marketing tools that can be sent far and wide in an instant.

The model requires space and an audience which must be in the same room to get the full visceral effect. Your model might be viewed in a showroom or appropriately sized to take to meetings and events. The model becomes a more personal and interactive sales tool. It immediately demonstrates a commitment to the project and the professionalism of your company.

If you want to connect personally with your clients there is no better tool to clearly demonstrate your project than a physical model. The following questions should be very useful in framing the project and ensuring the end result is exactly what you envisioned.

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