“The scale model Archetype 3D of the rollover scene clarified facts the defenses counselmisrepresented and stated inaccurately. The physcial scale model set the record straight and we settled before going to court a second time.”

-Mike McCort, Professional Expert/Owner–Ponderosa Associates, Ltd.

Law firms that understand how to “make their case” visually have a distinct edge in the courtroom. Three-dimensional physical scale models can translate information in a way that adds clarity and allows a jury to see things “with their own eyes.” If the visual information is shared accurately and adeptly, it goes a very long way in helping you make your argument to win the case.

Actual Case Study

In this fatal rollover accident there was disagreement about how fast the car was travelling and the number of rolls it took before being stopped. The plaintiff’s counsel requested the construction of this model to represent the facts. The key argument in the plaintiff’s case were illustrated, showing that the forces at work caused the seat belt worn by the victim to release during the accident. The first trial was thrown out due to juror misconduct, yet the use of a professional scale model had made an indelible impression with the defense’s counsel. The case settled prior to going to trial a second time around. The plaintiff’s counsel are certain the 3D physical scale model demonstrated the facts about what happened and resolved any disagreements so a settlement could be reached.

Models are Easy to View

A model allows the viewer to see what they want, when they want and from there own personal perspective. There is no other type of display that allows this kind of interaction.

A model creates a personal relationship with the jury.

Jury members young and old can easily relate to a model. When the subject is uncomfortable, gruesome or complicated a model bridges the emotional gap connecting the jury in a personal way to the perspective you are presenting. A model clearly explains difficult points and subjects in a comfortable and easy to grasp format.]

A model creates a lasting impression

Models are a defining presence in the courtroom. After all other presentations are complete and materials are put away, the model is still present and in front of the jury. The model becomes an easy reference tool throughout the case clarifying and enhancing testimony without having to find a document or visual.

Complex ideas and designs are clarified.

Complex ideas and designs are more understandable and accessible to the general public with a model. A model is essential where understanding complex equipment is the key to winning the case. Attention spans are short. Not only do you need clarity, but also showmanship to make your points stick in the jury’s minds. A model is often the single best device to amplify critical case points and reinforce complex concepts.

With a model, the case may end in discovery.

We have delivered models only to hear days later that the case is settled and not going to trial. Settlement out of court is the preferred outcome for many cases and a model can become significant leverage in the settlement negotiations.

Archetype 3D—Thirty Years of Model Making Experience

With thirty years of model making experience, and a fully equipped 7500 square foot shop in Louisville Colorado, Archetype 3D will make it easy for you to get familiar with model making techniques, and technology. We advise and guide you to the best construction process for your particular display. Call Archetype 3D for a quote on models for your upcoming cases.

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