Model of 911 Mobile Response

Not every transportation model is about highway redesigns. This is the Thor truck, an emergency 911 vehicle model.

The problem with natural disasters is that they tend to take down the very services that were put in place to protect us. This mobile emergency services truck can be deployed to a disaster site to keep the 911 emergency response functioning and at the ready. This concept is new and we were asked to build this model of the truck to use in a sales meeting to demonstrate it’s abilities.  Using high-intensity LED’s to mimic the halogen lamps on the truck, we lit this model creating an intriguing effect.

Highway Interchange Model

Milwaukee Transportation and CH2MHill engineering have used us many times to construct models showing necessary changes to their highways throughout the state.

This model for the Brown County interchange was built in the horizontal scale of 1″ = 200′ with a vertical scale of 1″ = 100′ to better see the heights and highway separations.

Model of Presidio in San Francisco

The highway leading to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco required major updates. We were tasked with building a ten-foot civil engineering model of the whole Presidio area from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Palace of Fine Arts.

Where the highway previously went over the rolling hills, there are now going to be tunnels creating unobstructed views of the bay. Every existing building was shown on this display model along with the National Cemetery, all the landscaping, the cliffs and the beaches.  This transportation model is divided into four sections each demonstrating a separate aspect of the new construction. The sections were packed into four traveling crates so that the client could bring only what was needed to the meetings.

Civil Model In Milwaukee

This civil engineering model of the Michell Interchange in Milwaukee covers a lot of areas. The funky shape is required to show just the areas affected by construction. The model sections each had to come apart and be reassembled easily. The crate nested all of the model sections into one box for ease of transportation.

Model shape and model size are all determined by the needs of the project. We helped the engineers come up with a size and shape that would work. This model was on display at the state fair.

Sixth Street

The Sixth Street Viaduct in Los Angeles California needs to be replaced. The concrete is disintegrating and there is no other solution but to rebuild the bridge. Unfortunately there is also a huge fan base for this old bridge.

Because of its location it has been featured in about 70 major motion pictures. Jim Carrey’s “The Mask” and “S.W.A.T.” to name two. Many groups needed to see our models of the six proposed designs and provide their opinions. The model was also used to demonstrate that replicating the original design was not practical – bridge design has come along way since this was originally built. This engineering model was in three sections stretching over eleven feet long and used fifteen parts that fit into the three bases to show all the different designs.

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