Shade Screens

This product prototype was created to help the home buyer visualize a custom canopy for their deck.

We cut several versions of our laser cutters out of durable material and painted them to create the proper patina. The prototypes represent a copper sheet that creates dappled light when installed in a garden. These marketing models were taken to home and garden shows as well as to individual sales events to show off and promote this lovely product.

Chemical Injection Equipment Model

When you build heavy equipment you are faced with the problem of showing it off. The operative word here is HEAVY.

This extremely complex piping model is simply a sales tool. In a trade show setting, this model is a great draw for interested buyers. The oil industry has a lot of competition and separating your brand is a challenge. Since it is impractical to show the tons of equipment this model represents. Let the model do the work and make the sales for you.

Satellite Telescope Model

Complex equipment can use a diagrammatic model to help demonstrate the components. This telescope mounts onto a satellite. The model can be rotated in all directions to show how it focuses, gathers light, and directs the light through sensors.  We built this cross-section model as part of a traveling educational exhibit for Ball Aerospace.

Light Separator Model

Now, this was a fun model to build. The superstructure was soldered brass to support the visible components. The model body had to rotate and the mirror had to pivot. The point of this display was to show the process of taking white light and separating it into its component colors.

Colored acrylic rods are used to show the lights path off of the reflector and through various mirrors and colored lenses. Each color then goes through it’s individual “reader” and the information gathered is sent back to earth. This is a classroom and exhibit model to show this process. I am a big fan of hands-on education.

McDonald’s Mechanical Model | Trade show scale models

So kids will beg to go there for lunch and to give adults time to eat their hamburgers, McDonald’s sets up elaborate play structures. In order to create new structures and get new ideas, McDonald’s runs a huge trade show to promote new designs.

This particular trade show model involved many interactive play areas and in order to show it properly, we had to motorize four elements. The simplest was the fan and the set of moving gears. Things got more complicated with the “bubblier” game and the large Pachinko machine. Ball bearings were carried to the top on a ladder and dropped randomly over the spikes and wheels below. A water pump created bubbles in tubes showing how kids compete to raise a cone within the tube.

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