Various Shopping Malls

We have models done for shopping mall throughout the country. Some are simple forms for city council planning meetings. Others are more elaborate sales models to attract vendors as tenants. The models can range in cost quite a bit depending on the audience and the amount of detail required.

Shopping Signs

Signs are marketing tools and models of signs help to sell the elaborate designs needed to help sell the shopping experience. These model not only prove out the concepts but they also allow cities to see the elegance and style that the designer intends.

Ontario Mills Mall

The Mills Corporation is known for creating elaborate entrances for there mall developments. Archetype 3D was commissioned to build a series of models to show many of the different styles that they design. Here is a sampling of some of our models that shape the character of today’s shopping environment.

International Market Hawaii

The international market is being completely rebuilt. In the heart of Honolulu, the area full of smaller vendors will now become a three-level truly international market. To show the views of the market on our model we made several of the surrounding buildings out of clear acrylic to be able to clearly see the features. One important feature was how the mall levels surround and incorporate two existing banyan trees on the site. The model shows three levels of shopping with numerous restaurants on the top floor with outdoor dining. It must be nice to have beautiful weather all year round.

Forest City

How do you get tenants into a large shopping center? Many of those deals are made at the ICSC show in New York or Las Vegas. The International Conference for Shopping Centers is a massive show taking up several of the biggest halls in the country for a week of deal-making. The booths are huge and everyone is trying to attract the best vendors. Architectural models abound at these shows and if you bring one it had better look great, like this model of the new Forest City North Park shopping extravaganza.

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