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Prototype Shoe Model

We built this model for a light boot design for Solomon Boot Co. This prototype required that it be made of a material in a very specific density and flexibility. After building the original model, we made a two-part mold and cast the sole with a urethane that had the required properties.


The problem with Microchips is mostly the MICRO part. In order to show the design and fit of their chips this client had us build several product models on a HUGE scale that can be shown to investors.


Here are a few of the dozens of models we have done for Suncloud sunglasses. Many different techniques were employed including creating brass fittings, sculpting acrylic frames. creating RTV molds and making rubberized urethane model components.

After being used as display models for the marketing department, these product prototypes were brought to the orient to be used as manufacturing guidelines.


Here we were asked to create an unusual model representing a unique scoreboard. Because of the size and weight of this model, much care was given to the support structure.

This prototype showed the unusually shaped speakers on the corners. The panels representing the LCD screens were removable to reveal the superstructure. It was important to show the catwalks and access points for maintenance and repairs.

Personal Device

A product design firm requested this model. We did not get information on all of its functions but I was told that it is built to help blind people.

We create the accurate shapes of any prototype and are often not given (or required to keep secret) many of the functions of the product itself. We take our clients security very seriously and can only show you images of products that are now public or are not covered under a non-disclosure agreement. Many of our models can never be seen.

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