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Equipment Models of Cooling Towers

These two large models show the inner workings of two cooling tower designs. Built to travel to various trade shows and marketing events, these models made a huge impact wherever they were viewed.

Literally, thousands of baffles and louvers were inserted into these models. As part of my continuing education, I learned that the process of cooling a LOT of hot water involves blowing air over the water drops as they are being splattered about by all of these baffles. The housings for the fans were built from urethane poured into a two-part mold. The rest of the structure involved assembling a lot of pieces.

Model of 911 Mobile Response

Not every transportation model is about highway redesigns. This is the Thor truck, an emergency 911 vehicle model.

The problem with natural disasters is that they tend to take down the very services that were put in place to protect us. This mobile emergency services truck can be deployed to a disaster site to keep the 911 emergency response functioning and at the ready. This concept is new and we were asked to build this model of the truck to use in a sales meeting to demonstrate it’s abilities.  Using high-intensity LED’s to mimic the halogen lamps on the truck, we lit this model creating an intriguing effect.

Wind Turbine Models

The green revolution is here. We are creating the display models that help to fuel that revolution.

These wind turbine models disassemble and pack up safely in a handy case to take to investor meetings and demonstrations. Several options are shown with interchangeable supports and blades. As a prototype model, this has been a valuable tool to help this company promote and sell its products.

California Water Treatment Plant Model

The engineering behind clean water is remarkable and constantly changing. Yes, 3D files and graphics are used to represent these in meetings but our physical models are still the best way to demonstrate the new technologies and to give the public confidence on how these controversial but necessary plants are built.

A model of this nature will instantly demonstrate not only the equipment but the location and local impact of this complex construction. This model of the plant in Oxnard California was used in many public meetings to help clarify the design and smooth the process of approvals.


Even with the greenest of technologies, there is still a need for sales. This model of a biofuel plant shows a unique product for a unique market. These plants are specifically designed to get rid of waste and at the same time produce fuel for concrete making operations.

The plant uses specialized algae to process waste material and the resulting chemicals are used as biofuels for trucks and equipment. The entire plant gets its energy from solar arrays so nothing is wasted. While all of this sounds good, it is still a radical idea that needed this engineering model to help explain and sell the concept.

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