Scientific Drilling

Scientific drilling needed to demonstrate their complex system for drilling for oil. Archetype 3D was hired to design and build a display model to demonstrate this system. The problem was how to represent radio waves travelling from an underground drill bit to a receiving tower. Their drill system sends signals into the surrounding ground to determine if there is another pipe in the way. They can then re-direct the drill bit to travel around the obstacle. To show this and other features of their system Archetype 3d designed an out of scale demonstration model to show off these features. This circular model has events shown on all sides. They include the by-pass system and ocean drilling systems. Earth striations will represented with numerous drill systems travelling through. The lighting was created to show movement through the earth and signals being sent to a central tower.

Each element of this model was carefully designed and approved by the client so that the sales team could use it to sell at least five different product types within the same model. The model has traveled to numerous trade shows throughout the US and when not travelling it sits in the Scientific Drilling lobby to attract visitors and explain their systems to local clients.

Making complex systems easy to understand is one of the best uses for a physical model at a trade show. Your model should attract customers from across the room and once you have them at your booth, the model needs to clearly demonstrate you products so that they can relate to the model and your product quickly and understand why they should buy right now. Allow your sales team a easy way to show off your product, have your demonstration model built by Archetype 3D.

Oil Rig Equipment Model for Court Case

Demonstrative Evidence for Personal Injury Case

Waltz Law had a problem with this personal injury case. Dick Waltz needed to demonstrate how a person could possible injure themselves while using this complex and heavy piece of equipment. A full sized physical model was needed in order to have all of the geometry easily demonstrated in the courtroom.

This is called a “Tongs” and is run using hydraulics. the center feet clamp onto a pipe and when the lever is pushed, the tool spins that pipe with a huge amount of force and torque.

Several elements of this models had to be moveable to show how the equipment operates. The doors opened and closed, the teeth rotated along with the entire top cover plate, also the activation lever had to function like the actual lever where it can be pushed in either direction and springs back to neutral. The entire model also had to be light weight while maintaining the look and geometry of the actual equipment.

We used different weights of urethane foam along with wood, metal and 3D printed parts to create this model. Care was taken to make all the dimensions accurate and to allow the movements to be easily manipulated. I won’t go into the details of the case since our job was to provide an accurate model that either side could use to make their arguments. Our client was very pleased with our work and wrote the following email to me:

“As I believe you know, this case settled last week. I cannot express how much I appreciated you and your staff’s hard work in designing and developing the exemplar power tongs. They were the proverbial “hit” at the courthouse in Greeley and were very useful during our opening statement and with the witnesses and Plaintiffs’ counsel. Enjoy your summer and I hope that we have an opportunity to work together again in the future.”

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