Waste Cells

The waste cell project depicted here showcases an instructional visual aid to teach students about the processes and functioning of this vital biological component.   Archetype3D has served hundreds of educational users with custom 3D Scale Models.  This project was complete accurately and ahead of schedule.   Contact us today for your precision modeling project.

Rock Crusher

The is 3D scale model depicts the massive construction machine known as the Rock Crusher.    Commissioned by a foreign firm specializing in remote development projects, our scale model of a rock crusher brings office visitors a realistic, tableside view of this extreme engineering tool.

Oil Drilling

Our charge with the Oil Drilling project was to design and create a classroom visual of this large piece of equipment in an architectural form that young children could easily understand.   You can see from the image the team produced a wonderful accurate scale model for a reasonable price, under budget!  Visit our project page for an extensive array of 3D scale model project types and uses.

Kiln Trains

The wood-fired train kiln was developed by John Neely and employs a bourry box in the front of a basic cross draft tube design.  The unique features of this kiln are a “throat arch” that connects the bourry box to the ware chamber and a “checker flue opening” connecting the ware chamber to the chimney.   Our company was asked to create this interesting replica for a client in the manufacturing industry.  This a specific example of the type of projects that produce for our clients!

Garfield Mine

Another mining project produced by our dedicated team at Archetype3D.   The Garfield Mine located on East Rifle Creek about 13 mi northeast of Rifle, CO is a significant operator of minerals and limestone.   Our team worked on this project following completion of the Utah Mine, 3D scale model.    If you would like to employ our experience toward your next project, contact us today!

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