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Yellowstone Museum Model

Very often I am asked to build something, the purpose of which is a mystery to me. Model making is sometimes about recreating shapes and size to a specific plan without any further explanation. These models fall into that category.

We were asked to recreate these shapes by Ball Aerospace so I assume they represent items that are shot into space. It looks like they hold electronics and possibly lenses but I am not sure. I don’t ask and they don’t tell and as long as they are happy with the models I am happy to keep supplying them.

Park Service Topography Model

This extremely high detailed topography model of Boulder County Colorado was completed for the Park Service. The model was created as part of a traveling exhibit to show the natural conditions of this beautiful county. This model is about the landforms and water features so it does not show towns, roads or highways.

Every nuance of the topography is visible in this detailed model. Erosion patterns, riparian areas, meadows, and mountains are easily identifiable because of the accuracy of the topography. This scale model was cut at 1″ = 4225′ and is almost 4′ long. The model is mounted to a display van that exhibits many other educational features of the area. The kids get to touch the topography of the county which is a very meaningful educational experience.

Community Model Showing Brochure Graphics

Our architectural model website shows many models of communities. This one is different because instead of showing properties and homes, we were asked to match the graphics on the developers brochure and essentially recreate that brochure as a three dimensional model.

Using their color schemes and graphic elements we created this large display model to highlight the location and price points of the properties along with graphics for each of the points of interest.

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