Why build a trade show model of your equipment? One reason is that the equipment can be forty feet long and weigh several tons. Another good reason for a model is that the actual equipment doesn’t tell the whole story. For Thermal Dynamics these reasons were critical in the decision to hire Archetype 3D to build their trade show display.

The piece of equipment is called an Autoclave which provides heat and pressure to cure various often exotic materials. An autoclave has to be as big as the part being cured and when you are talking about, say, an airplane wing, that gets pretty big. In the case of the Thermal Dynamics autoclave there are many special features built in that are simply not visible on the actual equipment. Creating a cut-away section of the model with a window and lighting allows for viewing of systems that would otherwise be hidden. One highlighted feature of this autoclave model is the inner wall called an annulus which provides a convection system for distributing heat evenly around the curing object. Thermal Dynamics also wanted to show off their motor, fans and filter system within the product. None of this is visible on the actual equipment but with out model we could demonstrate and light up the internals to aide the salesmen at the trade show.

We work closely with our clients to design the best display possible for their individual product. Our team of designers and model makers create durable trade show models and displays of products and equipment for many industries.

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