We Repair Models Too!

We just completed a model repair on one of the displays at the Mueller State Park Visitor Center in Colorado. 

Good as new=)   BEFORE:                                  AFTER:

The Mueller State Park Visitor Center, located atop Big View Overlook, features a scenic panoramic overlook hidden below the shadow of Pikes Peak. In the heart of Mueller State Park, this information area features indoor and outdoor exhibits emphasizing the park’s natural habitats, wildlife and heritage. Visit the Watchable Wildlife Kiosk and learn about those who call Mueller home. At the Gazebo, hand painted panels of the surrounding mountains help you get your bearings before heading out on the Wapiti Nature Trail.

Three trailheads from the Visitor Center parking lot connect you to short family friendly or long connecting hikes. Don’t forget to pick up a trail map before you head out!

Armstrong uses Archetype 3D models for German Trade Show | Tradeshow Scale Models

Models of heavy equipment show off products

Armstrong is a company that makes HEAVY equipment. Industrial heaters, chillers and vaporizers are some of their products. This equipment weighs thousands of pounds and can be up to 40 feet long. So the challenge is about how to present their product in a trade show in Germany that not only leaves a strong impression but also demonstrates the scope and feel of the equipment itself.

Shipping models overseas – a unique challenge

The Three models that we built were each 7′ long or tall. Custom crates were built using kilned dried wood for overseas shipping. Standard plywood would not be let off the ship in Europe for fear of invasive insects. The model crates had to be approved for international travel.

Electric heater model shows cross section:

The other problem with bringing actual equipment into a show (besides size and weight) is that you can only see the casing, not what is inside. With Archetype 3D models that is not an issue. We cut away at equipment to reveal components and functionality that is not visible from the outside. This model had a simple cut-away but often our model with have lights, interactive components, motors or even sound to make your interactive model a fun, entertaining and educational display that your customers will not soon forget.

Small models – Size is relative

This is a small representation of the Vaporizer tank. I only stand at 6’4″ and the actual tank can be over 14′ tall. This seven foot version is almost petite in it’s dimensions and much lighter, easier and cheaper to transport. Clients spend thousands each year moving heavy equipment in and out of trade show spaces. Models and dioramas become very cost effective when crating, shipping , set-up and take-down time are all considered. Trade shows are not inexpensive propositions so models that can be easily transported and used for years become a very attractive alternative.

Public Models of Highways

Build a highway and they will come? Usually the problem is that they are already here and there isn’t enough room for all of them. How do you tell people that you have to disrupt their commute while you make the Highway better then ever? Milwaukee has faced this problem for years and hired us to help solve it. When bad news has to be delivered, good communication is the answer. As our client Jeff Bauer with CH2M Hill says “The models will be taken to many public informational meetings over the next several years. The models are excellent tools to help everyone better understand what the proposed roadways will look like when the projects are complete.”

Models of highways and roads are the best way to show the inevitable and to give the public the information they crave. Milwaukee is updating several sections of their highway system and we are currently working on the fourth model showing the improvement being made. Now with the economic stimulus, many roads are being built or improved. Because changes are happening so fast it is critical that planning and communication keep up with the pace of change.

Nothing to This Stuff: Expecting the Unexpected when Building Architectural Models

Model making is an easy job. We get a set of plans from an architect or designer and we decide on a strategy and we start building until it exists. Assuming you have the skills to build, the knowledge of materials, the ability to visualize the final product and the willingness to experiment to solve problems, anyone can do this. The only real wild card is the designer. Your deadline and his are usually about the same time. You are not going to get your model done before your deadline, why should he? You’re going to find better ways to build the model as you progress and he is going to figure out better design features while you’re building it. Stay on your toes and expect the unexpected and everything will be fine. Here are a couple of fun model examples which experienced some crazy changes along the way.

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