Armstrong uses Archetype 3D models for German Trade Show | Tradeshow Scale Models

Models of heavy equipment show off products

Armstrong is a company that makes HEAVY equipment. Industrial heaters, chillers and vaporizers are some of their products. This equipment weighs thousands of pounds and can be up to 40 feet long. So the challenge is about how to present their product in a trade show in Germany that not only leaves a strong impression but also demonstrates the scope and feel of the equipment itself.

Shipping models overseas – a unique challenge

The Three models that we built were each 7′ long or tall. Custom crates were built using kilned dried wood for overseas shipping. Standard plywood would not be let off the ship in Europe for fear of invasive insects. The model crates had to be approved for international travel.

Electric heater model shows cross section:

The other problem with bringing actual equipment into a show (besides size and weight) is that you can only see the casing, not what is inside. With Archetype 3D models that is not an issue. We cut away at equipment to reveal components and functionality that is not visible from the outside. This model had a simple cut-away but often our model with have lights, interactive components, motors or even sound to make your interactive model a fun, entertaining and educational display that your customers will not soon forget.

Small models – Size is relative

This is a small representation of the Vaporizer tank. I only stand at 6’4″ and the actual tank can be over 14′ tall. This seven foot version is almost petite in it’s dimensions and much lighter, easier and cheaper to transport. Clients spend thousands each year moving heavy equipment in and out of trade show spaces. Models and dioramas become very cost effective when crating, shipping , set-up and take-down time are all considered. Trade shows are not inexpensive propositions so models that can be easily transported and used for years become a very attractive alternative.

Models for the Fun of it: Miniatur Wunderland

I ran across this website, recently, for an unbelievable 3d model call the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg Germany. If you click on the video below, it will shows many features of this impressive 3D model project.

I have also attached a few photos below. What is interesting to me is that this is not a museum diorama or an educational tool. They have combined elements of Germany, Scandinavia, Austria, Switzerland, America and pure fantasy. Obviously it was created for the fun of building architectural scale models and is sustained as a huge tourist attraction.

The quick shots they show of the computer controlled cars boats and planes moving along have me excited to create similar 3D effects on my models. I also am impressed with the lighting details and the day to night environment. I have found very little history of this project except that it was started in 2000 by two brothers Frederick and Gerrit Braun. The layout is so large that they have hired 160 staff members to show people around the model.

I would enjoy hearing any feedback from people who have seen this 3d model. Video and photos never do justice to a model so I will need to plan another trip to Europe with a Hamburg stopover.

Feel free to post a comment below or contact me directly, with your personal experiences of Miniatur Wunderland or other great places like this one.

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