Are Completed Drawings Required For An Architectural Model?

The answer to a very common question is NO, you do not have to have completed drawings for us to bid your project. In fact, it is always best to get your model maker involved as early as possible, even in the initial drawing phase of the design. With early involvement, you can get cost estimates to put into your budget and be able to schedule the entire project with completion dates for the plans and the model. It is always helpful to secure a timeframe for your work so that there are no delays in delivery. We have extensive experience and have most likely already built similar projects to the one you are proposing. Cost estimates are often based on extensive past experiences.

When plans are complete, please understand that any changes can have a significant impact on the model itself. We take plans very literally and try not to deviate at all from what we see. The designer is the artist and our job as craftsmen is to fully realize the designer’s vision. If we can see it in the drawings we can build it. Conversely, if the building has an area that the drawings do not show clearly, we will need to ensure we have open communication and come to a consensus. There are always a few clarifications needed between the design and the client We are both working to create a great sales tool and in this phase of the construction everyone needs to communicate clearly.

Special details are also important for your model maker to see. Things like bench details or wrought iron fencing can add beautiful elements to the model so being able to see these types of details in drawings or reference photos is crucial.

Colors are always a challenge to properly match. We can only accept colors as physical samples or color system numbers that we can get samples for. If color chips don’t tell the whole story such as in a variegated stone pattern, a photograph is acceptable as long as it is printed on a piece of paper, approved by the designer and physically mailed to us. Colors CANNOT be sent as email attachments since we mix our colors very precisely and computer monitors and
printers are notorious for altering shade and tone.

We take coloration very seriously. To get final approvals, we will construct a small colored wall section to send to our clients for approvals. This is the moment of final approvals for textures and colors before they are applied to the entire model.

Interior Design

3D Scale Models of Interiors

Choosing to build an interior design scale model is an important decision. Whether it is the interior design of a home, office, resort or any restaurant the differences are many but the essence is the same. The best interiors are those in which there is no disparity between the many elements that make up the totality. Other important factors that we consider in interior designing are site planning, landscaping, furniture, architectural graphics and surface material along with designer’s specifications.

We have an expert team that has the ability to design your homes and workplaces with the latest and advanced 3D interior models. We make interior models as per the client’s specifications. We also offer samples to the clients and allow them to pick the design which suits their temperaments in the real sense. Archetype 3D has years of experience in building architectural models,  offering a wide range of interior design scale models that capture the concepts and the perceptions of the client.

Why choose us

The models that we create are delivered within the specified time frame mentioned by the clients. We can help you to build Architectural models with creative ideas and designs. We use the most modern equipment and techniques to build our models.

Lakehouse Residences on 17th

Lakehouse Residences on 17th   Details Model: Size 4 feet X 6 feet, Scale 1" = 8' Site Location: 4202 W 17th Ave Denver, CO 80204245       Project Info Lakehouse is a beautiful new 196-unit condominium and rowhome development overlooking Sloan’s Lake in the heart of...

Vistana Health Club

See the entire health club without having to tour a sweaty locker room. This model helped provide the membership commitments that allowed the financing to sail through. After construction, the model is still used to familiarize new members with...

Time Share Unit

Every interior element on this model was made accurately to the designers specifications. We were given fabric swatches and cut sheets for every piece of furniture and every surface material. We printed patterns on printable silk which allowed...

River Rim Ranch

Solution: Light up the entire floor of the model to create the general glow while the roof is in place. Since our client's concern was the wall layout and not the furniture or interior finish, we etched furniture graphics onto a sheet of...

McDonalds Musical Play Area

Yes the kids play areas at McDonalds are big business. Here you can sit at a piano bar that looks like a piano. Unfortunately, no alcohol is served. Ronald McDonald is well represented on this model to encourage kids to listen and play...

Interiors Collection

The sampling of interior scale models shown here represents a wide variety of styles and costs. White interior models showing room layouts is often all that is needed to get the project funded. On the other hand creating detail models of...

Carma Housing

The removable roof on this model provided a challenge since it had to be strong enough to hold up to the handling of unknown sales people. When untrained people handle a model, everything has to be built to be practically bullet proof. This...

Nothing to This Stuff: Expecting the Unexpected when Building Architectural Models

Model making is an easy job. We get a set of plans from an architect or designer and we decide on a strategy and we start building until it exists. Assuming you have the skills to build, the knowledge of materials, the ability to visualize the final product and the willingness to experiment to solve problems, anyone can do this. The only real wild card is the designer. Your deadline and his are usually about the same time. You are not going to get your model done before your deadline, why should he? You’re going to find better ways to build the model as you progress and he is going to figure out better design features while you’re building it. Stay on your toes and expect the unexpected and everything will be fine. Here are a couple of fun model examples which experienced some crazy changes along the way.

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