Scientific Drilling

Scientific drilling needed to demonstrate their complex system for drilling for oil. Archetype 3D was hired to design and build a display model to demonstrate this system. The problem was how to represent radio waves travelling from an underground drill bit to a receiving tower. Their drill system sends signals into the surrounding ground to determine if there is another pipe in the way. They can then re-direct the drill bit to travel around the obstacle. To show this and other features of their system Archetype 3d designed an out of scale demonstration model to show off these features. This circular model has events shown on all sides. They include the by-pass system and ocean drilling systems. Earth striations will represented with numerous drill systems travelling through. The lighting was created to show movement through the earth and signals being sent to a central tower.

Each element of this model was carefully designed and approved by the client so that the sales team could use it to sell at least five different product types within the same model. The model has traveled to numerous trade shows throughout the US and when not travelling it sits in the Scientific Drilling lobby to attract visitors and explain their systems to local clients.

Making complex systems easy to understand is one of the best uses for a physical model at a trade show. Your model should attract customers from across the room and once you have them at your booth, the model needs to clearly demonstrate you products so that they can relate to the model and your product quickly and understand why they should buy right now. Allow your sales team a easy way to show off your product, have your demonstration model built by Archetype 3D.


Why build a trade show model of your equipment? One reason is that the equipment can be forty feet long and weigh several tons. Another good reason for a model is that the actual equipment doesn’t tell the whole story. For Thermal Dynamics these reasons were critical in the decision to hire Archetype 3D to build their trade show display.

The piece of equipment is called an Autoclave which provides heat and pressure to cure various often exotic materials. An autoclave has to be as big as the part being cured and when you are talking about, say, an airplane wing, that gets pretty big. In the case of the Thermal Dynamics autoclave there are many special features built in that are simply not visible on the actual equipment. Creating a cut-away section of the model with a window and lighting allows for viewing of systems that would otherwise be hidden. One highlighted feature of this autoclave model is the inner wall called an annulus which provides a convection system for distributing heat evenly around the curing object. Thermal Dynamics also wanted to show off their motor, fans and filter system within the product. None of this is visible on the actual equipment but with out model we could demonstrate and light up the internals to aide the salesmen at the trade show.

We work closely with our clients to design the best display possible for their individual product. Our team of designers and model makers create durable trade show models and displays of products and equipment for many industries.

Model helps designers make changes

Good Communication through model making

Not every architectural model project is about sales. Sometimes it is important for company wide communication and design. The TriZetto building is an example of a corporation who understands the value of great communication between executives and the employees.

Presentation model ready for the big event

This healthcare management company needed a new headquarters in Denver. Working closely with their architect Opus Design, we built a small but detailed model of new proposed headquarters in time for the presentation and groundbreaking.

Model helps designers make changes

As is the case in these events, the model became the center piece of the festivities. As an additional benefit the model also aided the architects in their design choices and allowed decisions to be made in a small scale that would have cost dearly to change on the building.

Sales & Marketing

Scale Models for Sales & Marketing


CWMF Corporation Portable Silo Plant Equipment Trade Show Model Model Scale: 1:20 Model Size: 3.5'L x 1.0'W x 2.5'H                                Project Info For over 30 years, CWMF Corporation has been offering portable and stationary asphalt plant equipment,...


Vortisand® - Evoqua Water Technologies Industrial Water Filtration System Trade Show Model Model Scale: 1:12 Model Size: 3'L x 1.5'W x 2'H                               Project Info Vortisand® systems are synonymous with water filtration, serving the industrial water...


999 17th Street Downtown Denver 9 Story Office Building Details Model: Size 20" X 24", Scale 1" = 8' Site Location: 1776 Curtis  Denver, CO 80202                             Project Info 999 17th Street is a 9-story office building that contains 93,000 square feet of...

The Concours

The Concours  Exclusive Resort Model Details Model: Size 3 feet X 7 feet, Scale 1" = 40' Site Location: 14200 NW 42nd  Avenue | Suite 925  Opa-Locka | FL | 33054       Project Info The Concours Club is set to open at Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport in May 2019. The...

Lakehouse Residences on 17th

Lakehouse Residences on 17th   Details Model: Size 4 feet X 6 feet, Scale 1" = 8' Site Location: 4202 W 17th Ave Denver, CO 80204245       Project Info Lakehouse is a beautiful new 196-unit condominium and rowhome development overlooking Sloan’s Lake in the heart of...

Big Sky Montana Topography Project

Big Sky   Details Model: Size 5 feet X 11 feet, Scale 1" = 400' Site Location: Big Sky, MT  59716 Project Info Archetype3D, the expert topographic model maker, just completed and delivered a dramatic 3D topography model. The Big Sky Montana project highlighted two...

Scale Models for Museums – Ice Core

The great thing about being a model maker is that you never know what challenges the next project will bring. I live in Boulder CO, the location of NCAR, UCAR, NOAA, NIST and many other federal letters. The National Center for Atmospheric...

Riverfront Park In A Wood Model

This was an interesting project. Usually, clients ask for wood models because that is what they are used to building in school. They think it might be easier or cheaper in wood. The reality is that wood is a harder material to work with for a...

Data Center Model

Some models are a combination of architecture and engineering. One such project we recently completed is the Winchester Data Center in Kansas City. This model is used to give tours of this highly sensitive and high-security facility. The...

Scale Models of Resorts | Colorado Grand | Interactive Model

Controlled interactive model Breckenridge Colorado has some of the best ski terrain available. The Colorado Grand is a timeshare resort destination in Breckenridge which needed an exiting display to help generate sales. The Colorado Grand came to Archetype 3D to build...

Establishing Public Buy-In

A key goal of the Aspen Hospital architectural model was developed to establish public buy-in. It's the only hospital in Aspen, that is a taxpayer-funded project, and needed to be "sold" to the public. Many of our architectural models serve the...

The Importance of Details

The goal of an architectural model is to help stakeholders see the big picture of the final product. The key to evoking this feeling of "being there" is in the details. This model project included many details - flowers, vehicles, painted...

Make Room For The Ambulances

Drawings worked on paper, but there were 2 - 3 foot changes that were made clear once the architectural model was built. The model made it apparent they needed to look at certain features. For example, the entire front entry was redesigned after...

Retrofit Around Existing Structure

The developers added a second wing and adjoining housing—a place for folks to stay while waiting for loved ones to recuperate. The challenge of this architectural scale model and this project was to build around an existing building....

Corrections On The Fly

Archetype 3D worked with the architect to make corrections to the grading on the fly. We estimate that up to 25%  of our architectural model making work involves helping architects and developers with the active creation...

Major Redesign Of An Active Building

This architectural model was a major design to an existing hospital. A key goal of the project was to mitigate any misgivings among clients regarding the negatives of construction. Our 3D scale model helped them visualize the end goal, making...

Models for Tradeshows – Autoclave

Why build a trade show model of your equipment? One reason is that the equipment can be forty feet long and weigh several tons. Another good reason for a model is that the actual equipment doesn't tell the whole story. For Thermal Dynamics these...

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