Light Separator Model

Aerospace Models

Now, this was a fun model to build. The superstructure was soldered brass to support the visible components. The model body had to rotate and the mirror had to pivot. The point of this display was to show the process of taking white light and separating it into its component colors.

Colored acrylic rods are used to show the lights path off of the reflector and through various mirrors and colored lenses. Each color then goes through it’s individual “reader” and the information gathered is sent back to earth. This is a classroom and exhibit model to show this process. I am a big fan of hands-on education.

Face On Mars

Aerospace Models

The Space Science Institute requested this model to show how light played on a Martian rock formation. We were provided with surveyed site information taken from the surface of Mars.

The original photo created quite a stir when it was published. It even inspired a Hollywood movie called ” Mission to Mars”. Later imaging of the surface (last photo) reveals an unremarkable hill whose shadows look like a face at the Martian sunset.

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