Satellite Telescope Model

Complex equipment can use a diagrammatic model to help demonstrate the components. This telescope mounts onto a satellite. The model can be rotated in all directions to show how it focuses, gathers light, and directs the light through sensors.  We built this cross-section model as part of a traveling educational exhibit for Ball Aerospace.

Aerospace Model Components

Very often I am asked to build something, the purpose of which is a mystery to me. Model making is sometimes about recreating shapes and size to a specific plan without any further explanation. These models fall into that category.

We were asked to recreate these shapes by Ball Aerospace so I assume they represent items that are shot into space. It looks like they hold electronics and possibly lenses but I am not sure. I don’t ask and they don’t tell and as long as they are happy with the models I am happy to keep supplying them.

Various Satellite Models

It is nice to have a scaled model or a full-sized model of a satellite. Once they are rotating around the earth, you need a pretty good telescope to see them. We have built satellite models for trade shows and as desktop displays. A lot of money gets invested in this equipment so it is nice to have an example around.

Models of the Pegasus Project

These models were created for the Pegasus project. This rocket mounts onto the bottom of a jet and is launched from altitude into a low earth orbit where it releases it’s payload.

These models were handed out to the main players on the project. All of the rockets were molded and cast in urethane. The bases and gantries were created for them to sit on. These elegant trophy models are a great corporate gift.

Light Separator Model

Now, this was a fun model to build. The superstructure was soldered brass to support the visible components. The model body had to rotate and the mirror had to pivot. The point of this display was to show the process of taking white light and separating it into its component colors.

Colored acrylic rods are used to show the lights path off of the reflector and through various mirrors and colored lenses. Each color then goes through it’s individual “reader” and the information gathered is sent back to earth. This is a classroom and exhibit model to show this process. I am a big fan of hands-on education.

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