Archetype 3D is now building models in a NEW LOCATION

The time has come for a change. Archetype 3d has moved to a new location. First off here is our new address for you to update your records

Archetype 3D
1020 Carbon Ct. Unit F
Erie Colorado 80516 – 2435

Our phones have stayed the same. You can still reach us at 303-449-0878 and my cell number is also on the website if needed.

When the time came to find a new locations we looked far and wide for the best, most suitable site for our new shop. There were a lot of available spaces but not many of them would work for us. Living in beautiful Boulder Colorado, we did not want to have a marathon commute. We also needed a space with a flexible shop area, an attractive reception area and a separate space for our technical equipment.

We found everything we need to build the best marketing models and prototypes in Erie Colorado plus a few things that we did not expect. The best surprise is the natural light available from three large windows and four skylights in the shop. During the day there is practically no reason to turn on the lights. The town is centrally located within one half hours drive from Denver, Boulder, and Denver International Airport so it is easy to visit for all of our local clients. Another nice surprise is the beautiful views of the mountains. Traveling from Erie back to Boulder each day is a joy with the entire front range spread out before us in all of its many forms. Today we are seeing the snow covered mountain and the towering form of Longs Peak creating a dramatic white profile to the vast Colorado sky and unique cloud cover. I have never seen such interesting clouds as here in this state which give us the most beautiful sunsets I have seen anywhere.

We were quickly able to customize the space for our electrical and equipment needs. There is plenty of layout space for our architectural and engineering models as well as storage space for materials. Our spray booth, laser cutters and 3D printers are all up and running. We are now working on several projects so the shop is humming along as we speak.

Let's Build Something

Let one of our talented model makers discuss your project with you.
You don’t need to have your plans finalized. We pride ourselves in
being able to work with the customer from start to finish in the
design and build process.
3000 Airport Drive Erie Colorado Unit 201A 80516
+1 (303) 449-0878

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