Sunpower Solar

Solar Powered Parking Structure

  • Date: Decembre, 2018
  • Client: Sunpower Solar
  • Project Type: Trade Show Modell
  • Lead Model Designer: Bryan Beard


About this Project

Archetype3D designed and build two scale solar poser parking structure models for Sunpower Corporation. Each was designed to be assembled/disassembled on-site to allow for ease and security in travel to trade shows.

The models represented an accurate depiction of the real-world materials, using a  combination of 3d printing, laser cutting/etching and painting to produce the desired effects.

Details include a wood-trimmed base, detailed parking lot and lines, roof support structure: an inverter box, highly detailed solar panels, and LED lighting.

  • Model Size: 30″ x 20″ x 20″

  • Model Scale: 1:24

  • Site Location: Richmond, California

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