Laser cutters and 3D printers along with computers and specific software are now the tools of the modern model maker. When I was in school building models for stage sets that I designed, it was all about Exacto Knives, illustration board and bass wood. I developed a blister on my index finger and later had to build myself a splint to protect my knuckle against hyperextension when cutting through tough material. Now I draw the shape in Illustrator or CAD and send it to the laser to be cut from acrylic. My models back then looked great when finished but the process was much different. We still use Exacto Knives, bass wood and even illustration board on occasion but the process is unrecognizable from my college days. There is no point to this except to say “Good Luck” to all the students in studio classes right now. Here are a few images of my first college models. We all have to start somewhere; remember to take and keep pictures of ALL your work.

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