What special effects will enhance your model?
We add lighting to many of our models but that is only one way to enhance your clients’ experience. We have also created motorized components and sound effects along with interactive touch screens. These special effects add a completely new dimension to your presentation that your development may well benefit from.

  • ●  We built the interior of a McDonalds with actual spinning gears and fans complete until we made the gears and fans spin.
  • ●  We designed an interactive model for the visitor’s bureau at Lake Tahoe. Two touchscreen computers activated dozens of LED lights on the model. The screens gave specific information on hotels, casinos, golf courses, museums and other points of interest.

● We produced a lighting display for a residential tower in which the salesperson could shine a laser on a unit which would then light up. At the same time, the big screen behind the model showed the floor plan, price point and the precise view from out of the windows.

Programming interactive features have gotten easier recently and are now only limited by the imagination. The cost/benefit of interactive features is also easy to calculate. Do you need a sales person to talk to every visitor in your office? The model can act as a self-guided tour freeing up your staff to talk to the buyers with the most potential for closing. Get your important information across in an entertaining way and your model will pay for itself more quickly.

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