Scale Models of Resorts

Beautiful 3D Resort Models- Architecture is a Visual Art

Archetype 3D offers unique 3D scale models to the clients which detail project’s highlights. Our teams of professionals understand very well how important marketing a client’s project is- an attractive 3d architectural model can be a huge component of that marketing effort.

There is a lot of competition in the model-making field. Promoting the projects with a model will not work unless the design is genuinely compelling and attractive to the clients. Our track record of over 3 decades of producing impeccable models leaves the customer feeling comfortable and confident that his vision will be properly displayed.

Creating the best Resort Models

First impression is the last impression!
While creating 3D models for Resorts one of the most important things to consider is that it should look attractive and real. Along with the exterior and interior design of the resort and the inclusion of landscape it is the organized approach of our team that brings out the best required to build models for resorts.

Mountain Village, Aspen, Colorado- We tried to make this model as realistic as possible. The ski moguls and the semi frozen river that we created on this model look natural and very attractive.>

Riviera Towers, Florida- We built this topical paradise with palm trees, turquoise pools and pastel colors. This model became the central display in their marketing center.

Ritz Carlton, Vail Colorado- The major challenge we faced while working on this project was that our client wanted to show off their presence in Vail Colorado. We put all efforts, analyzed every single detail given by our client and then finally build a model that demonstrated all their amenities along with access to the many winter sports and activities available in the town of Vail. Our client was more than happy with the quality of work we provided him.

Ko-olina, Mariott, Hawaii- With Buildings lighted up, palm trees, beach umbrellas and lot of site details we brought the topical nature of this model to life.

Ski Mountains

What is my access to the slopes? This is the primary questions people ask when looking a real estate in ski resorts. Our models answer that question better than any other sales materials. Even in a fly-by graphic, you cannot see accurate...

Riviera Towers, Florida

Our models get shipped all over the United States. We built this tropical paradise with palm trees, turquoise pools, and pastel colors. There are a lot of units to sell in these two towers so this model became the central display in their...

Ritz Carlton, Vail Colorado

Location is key and the Ritz Carlton corporation needed to show off their presence in Vail Colorado. This model demonstrates all their amenities along with access to the many winter sports and activities available in the town of Vail....

Mountain Village, Aspen, Colorado

Even though the surrounding building as simple mass models, they set the stage for the central village shown in this 1"=50' scaled display. I love the details of the chairlifts, the ski moguls and the semi-frozen river that we created on this...

Ko-olina, Mariott, Hawaii

Our client the Marriott Company had several specific requirements for this interactive model. All the building needed to light up and then with the push of a button, a sales persons could light up only the units of a certain price point....

Arrabelle, Vail, Colorado

Create an enchanting environment and they will come. This model of the Arrabelle development created such a splash that prospective buyers were lined up out the door on the opening day of sales. These elaborate sales models are built for simple...