Build a highway and they will come? Usually the problem is that they are already here and there isn’t enough room for all of them. How do you tell people that you have to disrupt their commute while you make the Highway better then ever? Milwaukee has faced this problem for years and hired us to help solve it. When bad news has to be delivered, good communication is the answer. As our client Jeff Bauer with CH2M Hill says “The models will be taken to many public informational meetings over the next several years. The models are excellent tools to help everyone better understand what the proposed roadways will look like when the projects are complete.”

Models of highways and roads are the best way to show the inevitable and to give the public the information they crave. Milwaukee is updating several sections of their highway system and we are currently working on the fourth model showing the improvement being made. Now with the economic stimulus, many roads are being built or improved. Because changes are happening so fast it is critical that planning and communication keep up with the pace of change.

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