Every model we build is unique to our client and designed around their needs. Working closely with the artistic director of Parasoleil we created a display that helped win them the best booth award when it was first shown.

Parasoleil has a unique niche in the architectural supply market. They use brass and steel sheets cut with very specific designs. These sheets become awning and screens that cast comforting light and shadow patterns on patios and walls. In order to show off the many uses for their product, we created a model with an white architectural backdrop. Then models of their product were placed around the backdrop representing walls, railings, canopies, and decorative features. The clients visiting the show could take lights and immediately cast shadows onto the white background. The demonstration not only showed the many places the product could be used, but also showed the coolness and comfort of the shadows it produced.

This simple elegant model was a huge hit at the architectural supply show and generated the interest and sales that the company needed. Not every display has to be elaborate and expensive in order to be effective.

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