Model Of The Sun’s Core

The Space Science Institute had us build this touring model of the sun. Now seen in libraries around the country, this educational display reveals the inner workings of the gaseous giant.

I am sure we haven’t managed to send any probes deep into the sun so I am taking it on faith that the science behind this museum display is sound. We convinced our client to put a light on the model to highlight the display and give the exhibit a more engaging look.

Very often I am asked to build something, the purpose of which is a mystery to me. Model making is sometimes about recreating shapes and size to a specific plan without any further explanation. These models fall into that category.

We were asked to recreate these shapes by Ball Aerospace so I assume they represent items that are shot into space. It looks like they hold electronics and possibly lenses but I am not sure. I don’t ask and they don’t tell and as long as they are happy with the models I am happy to keep supplying them.

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