We have done many models for Lockheed Martin. Unfortunately most of them are under tight non-disclosure agreements. This telescope model though is for public viewing and I am allowed to share these images. I build models for many products of which I have little knowledge starting out. The science behind this telescope is quite complex so I only have a rudimentary understanding. If I get something wrong in this article please let me know.

The concept of this system for exploring the universe is unique. By building three 10′ reflectors and positioning them very carefully and having them linked together electronically, this system cam mimic the capacity of a much larger mirror without the exceptional cost.

We bid on several versions of this model. The most elaborate include domes that opened and closed along with programmed movements along the three tracks. The reality was that the budget did not justify these electronic add-ons. We work with our client and the realities of their budgets. We modified our bid and created fixed domes with one of them permanently open to reveal the telescope within. I was so looking forward to having a programmable model that worked off of a tablet, but in this case, it was not to be. We did re-build a portion of the model to create a viewport in one of the model buildings to show off the instruments that receive and process the light from the telescopes.

This simpler but elegant model did the trick and has been shipped to different locations including Hawaii to show off the concepts of this technology. We used a combination of 3D printing and direct model making to create these shapes and show off this unique Lockheed Martin site.

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