Building 3D Models for Hospital Architecture Design and Planning

Archetype3D® can partner with you in designing and building your hospital model.

The goal of any architectural model is to help stakeholders see the clear picture of the final product. Architectural Models that we design allow developers to make corrections on right time thus reducing the potential for costly overruns and redesigns. We estimate that up to 25% of our model making work involves helping architects and developers with the active creation of the finished product.

Designing the best hospitals

Hospitals are the most complex of building types because they provide a wide range of services and are made up of many functional units. While designing the architectural models for hospitals the most crucial thing is to utilize the space fully so that all functions may run smoothly. However, we have experts that understand the basic elements of designing while leaving pace for incorporating the tenets of the modern day architecture.

The design of the model we create is such that the clients can also spot the imperfections if any and then changes are made immediately. While taking any construction project in hands our professionals take full responsibility for the design and construction, resulting in a smooth experience for both developers and stakeholders.

Help from the experts

Archetype’s staff is composed of college graduates in industrial design, model building, architecture and fine art. They bring together their specialized training in utilizing modern machinery and craftsmanship to create work suited to each client’s goals. Our professionals are always ready to guide you to in the right direction. Whether you want to know about our services or already working with us we are always ready to answer your queries.

Establishing Public Buy-In

A key goal of the Aspen Hospital architectural model was developed to establish public buy-in. It's the only hospital in Aspen, that is a taxpayer-funded project, and needed to be "sold" to the public. Many of our architectural models serve the...

The Importance of Details

The goal of an architectural model is to help stakeholders see the big picture of the final product. The key to evoking this feeling of "being there" is in the details. This model project included many details - flowers, vehicles, painted...

Make Room For The Ambulances

Drawings worked on paper, but there were 2 - 3 foot changes that were made clear once the architectural model was built. The model made it apparent they needed to look at certain features. For example, the entire front entry was redesigned after...

Retrofit Around Existing Structure

The developers added a second wing and adjoining housing—a place for folks to stay while waiting for loved ones to recuperate. The challenge of this architectural scale model and this project was to build around an existing building....

Corrections On The Fly

Archetype 3D worked with the architect to make corrections to the grading on the fly. We estimate that up to 25%  of our architectural model making work involves helping architects and developers with the active creation...

Major Redesign Of An Active Building

This architectural model was a major design to an existing hospital. A key goal of the project was to mitigate any misgivings among clients regarding the negatives of construction. Our 3D scale model helped them visualize the end goal, making...

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