Chicago  finished building a model of the city in all white 3d model of Chicago. Surprisingly, Chicago is a colorful place, but you wouldn’t know it from this display. Modern technology is again allowing us to take short cuts that are not actually improvements. This model was made using 3D printing technology which I use myself and I heartily agree with this choice. 3D printing is great as it builds complicated shapes quickly and cheaply.

With this model, cheaply seems to be the dominant theme. I understand that cost is always a factor but this is a central show piece for the entire city, why make it a ghost town? To me white models do look clean and are great for architecture meetings or design review boards but not for the general public. Color is what gives a model life and creates a miniature reality that the people living there, and who love the city, can relate to. Where are the parks? Where is the cool reflective light from the windows? The only way this mimics the Chicago skyline is in silhouette.

When we created a model of downtown Denver, we captured the character and the life of the city with lighting and color. We don’t live in a white, white world, and there is no good reason it should be modeled that way.

Tell us what you think of the comparison between the white Chicago 3d model and the images below of our downtown Denver model.

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