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Model Makers at Archetype3D®  have been producing world class models for over three decades. Our talented staff  work with the customer from start to finish during the design and build process. No detail is too small to ensure the customer's expectations are met. We produce architecture models, commercial models, industrial models, engineering models, prototype models- really, we can build just about anything you can imagine. Contact us today and discover what is possible!

Architecture + Land Development

As an architect or developer, your vision for your building projects is defined by detailed site plans, renderings, elevation drawings and computer design models. Even with all of these tools, nothing can tell your story better than a scale architectural model. 3D architectural scale models communicate and sell your designs whether they are of a high rise, community living project, golf course, ski resort, or civic event center. Archetype 3D architectural model makers are industry leaders in quality, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction. Our scale models not only replicate your vision some would swear by looking at photographs of the finished model they are standing at the doorstep of the real thing—your finished building as you envisioned.

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    Topographic Models

Structural + Civil Engineering

Large-scale civil engineering projects often demand a physical display model to demonstrate the area being built out or refitted. In most cases, these models illustrate how stakeholders are affected during the different phases of a project through to completion. We have built engineering models of many bridges including the new commuter bridge downstream from Hoover Dam. We create civil scale models of major airport makeovers, complex re-routing of major freeway interchanges, multi-faceted transportation road, and rail projects, cutting-edge bio-fuel plants, windmill energy generating farms and nuclear power reactors. We get to know each project as the engineers and design teams visualize the future of these civic wonders. We go out of our way to make the 3D scale model of your project as realistic as the one planned.

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Trade-show + Marketing

Scale Models are still the most powerful Trade Show and Marketing tool available. They interact with the human mind in a way that no other medium can replicate. Your project becomes interesting and exciting just by having an intriguing, smaller version of it available. Whether you need a model to show off your product at conventions across the world or are standing up a sales center for your newly-commenced development project, our talented staff can design and build the perfect model to suit your requirements.

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Civil + Government

Educate the public on how taxpayer funds are being utilized. We have done a wide range of models for civil projects- highway interchanges, ports and land re-purposing are just a few. save the architecture page but build a replacement one that matches the format of others. photos should have links to resorts, interior design, hospital, shopping center, residential, museum, bridges and topographic.

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