What other display elements are needed (stand, cover, case)? How is your spectacular model going to be displayed?

The stand is an integral part of the model presentation. It can tie together the style of the model with the showroom design. There are several considerations that go into constructing a stand.

If you are building a showroom and working with a designer and carpenter to get it looking great, feel free to have them build the stand for the model. They can match the wood and finish exactly but we may need special considerations from this team. If we are not building the stand, we must work closely with those that are. The model has to fit comfortably but not so tight that you can’t get it out. If we are doing any lighting or electronics, easy access is needed for maintenance. Your stand maker is now part of the team and good communication is paramount.

We recommend dust covers on ninety percent of the models we build. Unless planned for, most models do not hold up well with people constantly touching them. Under a cover, we have models that have been on continuous display for over twenty years. Other models are built to be touched and they can hold up well but need to be built more durably.

The crate your model goes into can also be an important element to your presentation. If the model is a showroom or a trade show, the crate is simple, strong and heavy. Many models are taken to their audience and the crate needs to look more elegant to reflect what is inside. We have built custom wood crates with a nice stain finish, handles for easy carrying, and casters if they are a little heavy. We have also made “roady” style cases and “suitcase” models to be taken on an airplane. Answering question one “What is your model going to be used for” will go a long way to determine the best crate for a project.

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