Courtroom 3d Models

Let our model makers build a perfectly-detailed courtroom exhibit model. Over 30 years experience producing scale models. We will ensure that your details are presented in the most easy-to-understand and highly accurate manner.

Working Pill Picker Model

These were complex courtroom models used to help explain machinery mechanics. The models represent two competing systems for robotically delivering prescription drugs to a pharmacist or nurse in a hospital. Our models show the mechanics of the...

Courtroom Model of Tanks

One problem when heavy equipment fails is explaining that failure to a jury without bringing in HEAVY equipment. These tanks were located on an RV and unfortunately caused a great deal of damage when they failed. In order to explain what...

Model for Fuel Farm Case

Since this entire fuel farm had been rebuilt many times over the years, not one set of plans showed what it looked like. Our job as model makers was as much about piecing together historical documents as it was building the model. With the...

Medical Model Of A Foot

This model of a human foot was "grown" on our 3D printer and painted. This was a tactile model showing the bones that were affected in a construction accident....

Demonstrative Evidence Model

Here we built a model for a patent infringement case. This can top shows a very subtle bevel edge design that saves millions of dollars in can production. In order to show the design and how important is is to manufacturing, the model needed to...

Accident Reconstruction Model

Court cases often deal with the worst things that can happen. The worst things often happen in the blink of an eye, especially on our highways. Careful forensics are needed at an accident scene to understand what occurred. After the forensic...

Cecum Medical Model

The Cecum is the connection between your large and small intestines. This model shows the human Cecum and appendix. Suffice it to say that the details of the medical case were gruesome and need not be explained. What was needed was an easy way...

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