Denver Riverfront Park


This was a beautiful model done in wood. The Riverfront developers, East West Partners , wanted a wood model to show off a different style in there new marketing center. We have built dozens of a models for this client over the years. They have all been made using different plastics with many lighting effects they are also highly detailed and very precise. This model was also precise, but it also had a presentation and style elemenent to consider.

We went to work using many different types of wood surfaces and many layers of etched patterns. We created a unique look that grabs the viewer attention as soon as they see it. This model highlights the building that East West has developed and keeps the surrounding building in a neutral color with less detail.  Wood is a very welcoming and organic material that – if done right – can be a very effective marketing tool.


Lakehouse Residences on 17th


Model: Size 4 feet X 6 feet, Scale 1″ = 8′

Site Location:

4202 W 17th Ave

Denver, CO 80204245

Project Info

Lakehouse is a beautiful new 196-unit condominium and rowhome development overlooking Sloan’s Lake in the heart of Denver, Colorado.

The model was a huge hit for NAVA’s information booth at the recent Cherry Creek Art Festival, named one of  “the 10 Best Arts Festivals in Colorado”, annually drawing more than 350,000 visitors.

Client:  Nava Real Estate Development

Completion: Updated July 9, 2018

Project Type: Residential

Lead Model Designer: Michael Steinkoenig

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Scale Models of Resorts | Colorado Grand | Interactive Model

Controlled interactive model

Breckenridge Colorado has some of the best ski terrain available. The Colorado Grand is a timeshare resort destination in Breckenridge which needed an exiting display to help generate sales. The Colorado Grand came to Archetype 3D to build an exterior model to show off both summer and winter activities along with a very interactive lighting system.

One of our challenges on this project was to give the sales staff complete control over the complex model lighting. We place individual LED’s into each unit. We had many events that our client wanted to feature including phasing, time share weeks, pet friendly units, units with vaulted ceilings. one bedroom, two bedroom . . . the list goes on. In order to provide them with all the control that they requested we programmed a tablet which connected to the model via Bluetooth. Each individual unit could be lit up separately along with all of the many categories. Marketing is not just about winter sports which is why the model also featured warm weather actives including an alpine slide. and human maze.

Colorado State University – Green Energy Building

This ambitious project for CSU is a new student center powered by green energy. The model is built as a cross-section to highlight the many different design elements that keep this structure as a temperature controlled building. The largest element is the Katabatic Tower which collects wind and passes the air though a water mist to cool it before it enters the building. The model highlights nineteen different way that this building is environmentally friendly.

These include using sustainable materials to solar cells as well as more engineering intensive elements like the thermal mass walls and trench ducts. There is also a bike repair shop and electrical charging station for the low energy commuters. Obviously a building like this needs funding and approvals especially for a State University. They commissioned our model as an economical way to show off the many unique elements of this forward looking design.

Architectural Scale Models for the U.S. Embassy

Moscow, Russia

Recently, we were asked to create a pair of three dimensional architectural scale models for the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia. A new seven story office building is being constructed next to the existing Chancery building and, of course, nothing shows what the compound will look like once the project is completed better than a physical model. You may have hear that the original structure was compromised when we chose to use a Russian work force to build it. Much of the building was turned into a listening device for Moscow. As a result, only American workers were allowed to work on the new building and that included construction of the models.

One of the models is 30th scale and is designed to show the new structure in context by encompassing the entire embassy compound. The second model is 16th scale and is designed as a focus piece, centering on the highly detailed Chancery and New Office Annex, or NOX, buildings while cutting away much of the rest of the compound.

The site of the smaller scale model includes many details such as living quarters for the on site staff, tiered courtyards, glass roofed entry ramps, access gates, and a full compliment of surrounding mass buildings. The elevation change from one end of the site to the other is significant and required us to cut the topo foam for both models here at our facility in Erie, Colorado on a precision room sized, router-equipped pantograph machine. We also used our 3D printing capabilities to grow certain smaller pieces of the model which would have been difficult to create using traditional model making methods. The remainder of the model was cut, either by hand or by using one of our laser cutters, and assembled manually.

The NOX and Chancery buildings exhibit such details as spandrel, glass louvers, intricate mullions, a curved curtain wall, and entry way awnings that are surrounded by courtyards with large planters and intricate etched paver patterns. Despite being a relatively traditional model, in terms of the overall construction, the attention we paid to details such as stone texture, window treatments, fences, and frosted glass makes for a truly impressive finished product.

Retirement Home, Interactive 3D Architectural Scale Model

Scale Model of Balfour retirement home, Denver CO

Balfour – Cosmopolitan Club

Downtown Denver’s first upscale senior living center is coming to the historic Riverfront neighborhood in Lodo. This $74 million dollar facility will contain 205 units including 112 independent living, 65 assisted living and 26 memory care suites. We were commissioned to create an 8th inch scale model that was first displayed at an impressive groundbreaking celebration attended by the governor of Colorado, among others, and is now placed in the Balfour – Cosmopolitan Club’s sales center.

Full Three Dimensional Detail

It is used to give prospective tenants an opportunity to see, in full color three dimensional detail, what the facility will look like, what rooms are still available and where their room will be. To this end, 205 individual LEDs were installed (one per unit) and are activated by a control panel hidden in the base of the model. These LEDs can be activated individually to illuminate specific units, in groups to indicate various areas of the complex, or all at once to achieve an impressive all around effect and inviting glow.

Moffat Train Restoration

Part of the plan for the complex is the restoration and use of the historic Moffat train depot building that has been standing on the proposed construction site since 1906. This building will be the centerpiece of the complex and will be used as a community room tying together the two main buildings and bringing together the old and the new. In addition to the Moffat building there are two attractive courtyards, a European-style plaza that enhances the facility’s sophisticated atmosphere, two fountains, one of which is designed to allow your pet to cool off on a hot summer day, graceful entry arches you pass beneath as you drive into the complex, and private balconies with beautiful views of either the mountains or the dynamic city skyline.

A Look Inside the Architectural Model

If one were to peek behind the scenes, on the inside of the model, they would see a complicated honeycomb of individual light boxes served by a network of LED’s and cables that allow for the desired lighting control. In addition, several larger lamps are wired to a single switch that can be activated to illuminate common areas such as the Moffat building and store front areas. Outside the fit, finish and attention to detail is clearly evident. Flowers dot the courtyard planter boxes arranged around tree shaded benches that are protected from the bustling city outside by ornate guard railings. Well appointed Cafes are pleasantly peopled and inviting causing one to imagine lingering over the morning news and a cup of Jo before meeting some friends, taking a swim in the pool or venturing out into the city for a little shopping.

Architectural Scale Models as Sales Tools

The difference between a folder or brochure full of artist’s renderings and computer generated pictures and an illuminated 3D model is immense. When attempting to get people excited about or interested in something that has not been built yet it is of paramount importance that they be able to visualize your dream. That is what we do here at Archetype 3D. We bring your plans, your dreams to life.

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