Lakehouse Residences on 17th


Model: Size 4 feet X 6 feet, Scale 1″ = 8′

Site Location:

4202 W 17th Ave

Denver, CO 80204245

Project Info

Lakehouse is a beautiful new 196-unit condominium and rowhome development overlooking Sloan’s Lake in the heart of Denver, Colorado.

The model was a huge hit for NAVA’s information booth at the recent Cherry Creek Art Festival, named one of  “the 10 Best Arts Festivals in Colorado”, annually drawing more than 350,000 visitors.

Client:  Nava Real Estate Development

Completion: Updated July 9, 2018

Project Type: Residential

Lead Model Designer: Michael Steinkoenig

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Vistana Health Club

See the entire health club without having to tour a sweaty locker room. This model helped provide the membership commitments that allowed the financing to sail through. After construction, the model is still used to familiarize new members with the layout of the club without having to interrupt the current members in their workouts or changing rooms.

Time Share Unit

Every interior element on this model was made accurately to the designers specifications. We were given fabric swatches and cut sheets for every piece of furniture and every surface material. We printed patterns on printable silk which allowed us to create ruffles and folds in the fabrics. Wood grains and granite patterns we hand painted using techniques learned in theatrical painting.

River Rim Ranch

Solution: Light up the entire floor of the model to create the general glow while the roof is in place. Since our client’s concern was the wall layout and not the furniture or interior finish, we etched furniture graphics onto a sheet of translucent acrylic and lit it from below. Lift off the roof to see the furniture and wall layout. Replace the roof to see a detailed exterior model lit with a welcoming general glow.

McDonalds Musical Play Area

Yes the kids play areas at McDonalds are big business. Here you can sit at a piano bar that looks like a piano. Unfortunately, no alcohol is served. Ronald McDonald is well represented on this model to encourage kids to listen and play instruments. I am not sure what the actual noise level would be when this is installed but parents have to put up with a lot to entertain their children.

Interiors Collection

The sampling of interior scale models shown here represents a wide variety of styles and costs. White interior models showing room layouts is often all that is needed to get the project funded. On the other hand creating detail models of interior buildings, areas, and even basement rec rooms is the best way to sell a project. We take great pride in our ability to match materials and textures in scale.

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