Partners Group

Broomfield, Colorado

Architectural Display Model for Upcoming Development

  • Date: June, 2019
  • Client: Partners Group
  • Project Type: Display Concept Model
  • Lead Model Designer: Bryan Beard


About this Project

Archetype3D designed and fabricate the model for display in Partners Group beautiful new office space north of Denver. We presented the model site with a summer scene and appropriate landscaping, trees, cars, and figures showing activities. All landscape, hard-scape, and roads were consistent with the plans provided. Sidewalks and amenity walkways matched patterns and color specifications provided by client. The building itself include all main architectural details will be include and all paint and finish work was made to match approved color samples. 


  • Model Size: 3 feet X 2 feet
  • Model Scale: 1/12″=1′
  • Site Location: Broomfield, Colorado


Partners Group is a global private markets investment manager, serving over 900 institutional investors. We have USD 91 billion in assets under management and more than 1,300 professionals across 20 offices worldwide. We realize potential in private markets by financing and developing great companies, desirable real estate and essential infrastructure. We create value in our investments through active and long-term responsible ownership.

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Make Room For The Ambulances


Drawings worked on paper, but there were 2 – 3 foot changes that were made clear once the architectural model was built. The model made it apparent they needed to look at certain features. For example, the entire front entry was redesigned after the model was delivered, requiring a modification to the model. The ambulance entry was too small! Architectural scale models allow developers to make major corrections before it’s too late, greatly reducing the potential for cost overruns and redesigns.

Retrofit Around Existing Structure


The developers added a second wing and adjoining housing—a place for folks to stay while waiting for loved ones to recuperate. The challenge of this architectural scale model and this project was to build around an existing building. Developers had to retrofit new construction around existing. The architectural model allowed them to visualize the myriad details for this type of project.

Major Redesign Of An Active Building


This architectural model was a major design to an existing hospital. A key goal of the project was to mitigate any misgivings among clients regarding the negatives of construction. Our 3D scale model helped them visualize the end goal, making them a bit more tolerant during the transition period.

Scale Trade Show Model for Shopping Malls

Economic Indicators are Pointing Up for
Shopping Center Business & Model Makers

Retail is on the rise. I am grabbing any good economic information I can find these days. If you believe the news reports or articles from the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), people are retuning to the stores for some retail therapy. As one reporter described it, there is a “burn out of frugality”.

What does this mean for us in the model making world. Surprisingly enough, shopping centers were at one point a good percentage of our business. Not much has been done with them in the last few years, and as of today I have yet to see a huge upswing in new shopping construction–but I do believe it is coming back even if it is slowly.

With the giant ICSC show is opening in Las Vegas at the end of May, we are expecting to have new models represented on the shows floor as we have in the past. The Las Vegas ICSC show is the place were most major retail deals are made. Attendees know, it is a great showcase for new construction.

I would love to hear from the design and construction industry if you are seeing a change this year because personally, I am ready and looking forward to an economic boom any day now.

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