Sunpower Solar

Sunpower Solar

Solar Powered Parking Structure

  • Date: Decembre, 2018
  • Client: Sunpower Solar
  • Project Type: Trade Show Modell
  • Lead Model Designer: Bryan Beard


About this Project

Archetype3D designed and build two scale solar poser parking structure models for Sunpower Corporation. Each was designed to be assembled/disassembled on-site to allow for ease and security in travel to trade shows.

The models represented an accurate depiction of the real-world materials, using a  combination of 3d printing, laser cutting/etching and painting to produce the desired effects.

Details include a wood-trimmed base, detailed parking lot and lines, roof support structure: an inverter box, highly detailed solar panels, and LED lighting.

  • Model Size: 30″ x 20″ x 20″

  • Model Scale: 1:24

  • Site Location: Richmond, California

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Scientific Drilling

Scientific Drilling needed to demonstrate their complex oil drilling system. Archetype3D was hired to design and build a display model to demonstrate this system. The challenge was how to represent radio waves travelling from an underground drill bit to a receiving tower.

The drilling system system sends signals into the surrounding ground to determine if there is another pipe in the way. The drill bit can then be redirected taround the obstacle. To show this and other features of their system Archetype3D designed a not-to-scale  demonstration model to show off these features. This circular model has events shown on all sides. They include the by-pass system and ocean drilling systems. Earth striations will represented with numerous drill systems travelling through. The lighting was created to show movement through the earth and signals being sent to a central tower.

Each element of this model was carefully designed and approved by the client so that the sales team could use it to sell at least five different product types within the same model. The model has traveled to numerous trade shows throughout the US and when not travelling it sits in the Scientific Drilling lobby to attract visitors and explain their systems to local clients.

Making complex systems easy to understand is one of the best uses for a physical model at a trade show. Your model should attract customers from across the room and once you have them at your booth, the model needs to clearly demonstrate you products so that they can relate to the model and your product quickly and understand why they should buy right now. Allow your sales team a easy way to show off your product, have your demonstration model built by Archetype3D.


Vortisand® – Evoqua Water Technologies

Industrial Water Filtration System Trade Show Model

Model Scale: 1:12

Model Size: 3’L x 1.5’W x 2’H



Project Info

Vortisand® systems are synonymous with water filtration, serving the industrial water markets since 1986. The award-winning Vortisand is a High Efficiency Microsand Filtration System. It is a high capacity media filter that combines cross-flow dynamics with microsand media to achieve submicron filtration performance. This technology allows the unit to operate at filtration rates of up to 5 times greater than those of traditional media filters while filtering 10-50 times finer.

Vortisand® brought on Archtype3d to build a traveling trade show model to demonstrate the basic functions of their industrial filtrations system.

Client:  Vortisand®

Project Type: Marketing and Trade Show

Lead Model Designer: Michael Steinkoenig

Medical Device | Scale Models for Marketing & Trade Shows | Biomet Pucks

Archetype 3D is a marketing display company. Not every display can be defined as a “model”. Biomet is a medical device company that specializes in providing doctors with surgical equipment for spine injuries. The make a lot of equipment in different categories and needed a way to easily and professionally display the pieces at their many trade shows. We designed and created these circular display pucks that are each custom built to hold all of these strange shapes while allowing the parts to easily be removed and replaced. They attend many trade shows at a time so we created five pucks in each design for use all over the country.

Lockheed Martin Telescope

We have done many models for Lockheed Martin. Unfortunately most of them are under tight non-disclosure agreements. This telescope model though is for public viewing and I am allowed to share these images. I build models for many products of which I have little knowledge starting out. The science behind this telescope is quite complex so I only have a rudimentary understanding. If I get something wrong in this article please let me know.

The concept of this system for exploring the universe is unique. By building three 10′ reflectors and positioning them very carefully and having them linked together electronically, this system cam mimic the capacity of a much larger mirror without the exceptional cost.

We bid on several versions of this model. The most elaborate include domes that opened and closed along with programmed movements along the three tracks. The reality was that the budget did not justify these electronic add-ons. We work with our client and the realities of their budgets. We modified our bid and created fixed domes with one of them permanently open to reveal the telescope within. I was so looking forward to having a programmable model that worked off of a tablet, but in this case, it was not to be. We did re-build a portion of the model to create a viewport in one of the model buildings to show off the instruments that receive and process the light from the telescopes.

This simpler but elegant model did the trick and has been shipped to different locations including Hawaii to show off the concepts of this technology. We used a combination of 3D printing and direct model making to create these shapes and show off this unique Lockheed Martin site.

Civil Engineering Models: I-94 Milwaukee Highway

Highway models over graveyard

We have built over fifteen engineering scale models for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation over the years. Yes, these are models of Highways and intersections. The models can be large and expensive but the engineers CH2M Hill and the WisDOT keep having them built.

Civil Engineering Scale Models Help Educate the Public

The benefit is to educate the public, smooth public opinion and to get the public behind these complex projects. These civil engineering models are displayed at various venues around the state but the most popular venue is the Wisconsin State Fair.
In this instance two large scale models were needed to show two proposed highway alignments. The challenge being that, along with normal traffic, this highway bisects the Wood National Cemetery and handles the traffic from Miller Park home of the Milwaukee Brewers.
One of the alignments showed an extensive bi-level highway which minimized the footprint through the cemetery. The other alternative had a more conventional design with unique intersections.
In order to demonstrate the impact to the region the client wanted to show a large swath of land around the highway that included thousands of houses and businesses.
Time and money are always a concern so we designed two of the engineering models that showed off the highway corridor and highlighted the immediate buildings along with the Wood National Cemetery. The rest of the region was represented as aerial photos that attached to the models on all sides.

Engineering Scale Model Details

Each scale model was divided into two sections that when assembled were about 14′ long. Four large but very light panels could be secured to the outside of each model with the aerials printed on them. When assembled each model measured about 6′ x 14′. At the state fair, the models were lined up along a 30′ wall for the public to view and comment on.
There are several articles talking about the many decisions that were made using our models as demonstrative displays. Here are a couple of links if you are interested. The feedback that these extensive models provided was invaluable to the process.

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