Model building advice can come from some strange corners. I was watching one of my favorite TV shows “Burn Notice” the other night. The show is basically a spy handbook with really cute acting. Jeffrey Donovan plays Michael the hard nosed killer one moment, then switching to the inept dufus with seamless style. The same is true of his love interest Gabrelle Anwar as Fiona. I have learned so much from this show. In fact, when I retire from model making I feel quite qualified to join the CIA. I know how to evade a pursuer depending on the car I’ve stolen and the terrain ahead. I know how to identify and defeat any system of bugs as well as how to compel an asset to give me the information I need without him realizing it.

One of the shows used a product I work with every day. Micheal and Fiona sealed the bad guys into a room using Crazy Glue. They did this very quickly using huge gobs of glue in the door seam. Two things I know about using large amounts of Cynoacrolite adhesive. 1. keep your eyes out of the way because the fumes will sting like hell and 2. It is going to take a long time for the glue to set up unless you kick it off with an accelerator. There are many products available to kick off the glue but they can cause foaming if there is a lot of glue and they can spoil a nice paint job if they drip in the wrong place. What Micheal and Fiona did was use CANNED AIR to set up the glue quickly.

I haven’t proven that this will seal a door against a determined opponent but I have no reason to doubt it since I believe everything I see on TV or the internet.

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