Buena Vista School, Leadville, CO

Custom Model for Client Proposal Presentation

  • Date: March, 2018
  • Client: TreanorHL
  • Project Type: Presentation Model
  • Lead Model Designer: Michael Steinkoenig


About this Project

There are times when clients approach Archetype3D seeking help in preparing presentation materials for an important proposal interview. In this case TreanorHL needed a model to explain how the new school design would look overlaid on the current property.

This was a relatively simple model. A flat base was designed containing parking and landscaping, fields, some cars and busses. The existing buildings were shown as graphic footprints on the base. Mass block buildings.were made to peg in and out of the base. The interior courtyards in the various buildings were shown as landscaped. The buildings showed solid colors on the walls with no accent lines or textures.

Model Scale: 1’=50′

Model Size: approx 26″X20″

Location: Leadville, Colorado

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