999 17th Street

Downtown Denver 9 Story Office Building


Model: Size 20″ X 24″, Scale 1″ = 8′

Site Location:


Project Info

999 17th Street is a 9-story office building that contains 93,000 square feet of office space, designed by the Denver-based architecture firm Davis Partnership Architects. This building is located at the corner of 17th Street and Curtis Street in Downtown Denver. The glass facade on the 17th Street side of 999 17th Street is very unique and creates a one-of-a-kind visual experience for onlookers, designed to include glass segments that are angled in 6 different directions. 

Shea Properties brought on Archtype3d to build a model in the early construction phase in order to present to commercial real estate brokers.


Client:  Shea Properties

Project Type: Commercial Office

Lead Model Designer: Michael Steinkoenig

Let’s Build Something

Building 3D scale models since 1984. Our talented staff of model builders is ready to assist you in the design and build of your project.


Vortisand® – Evoqua Water Technologies

Industrial Water Filtration System Trade Show Model

Model Scale: 1:12

Model Size: 3’L x 1.5’W x 2’H



Project Info

Vortisand® systems are synonymous with water filtration, serving the industrial water markets since 1986. The award-winning Vortisand is a High Efficiency Microsand Filtration System. It is a high capacity media filter that combines cross-flow dynamics with microsand media to achieve submicron filtration performance. This technology allows the unit to operate at filtration rates of up to 5 times greater than those of traditional media filters while filtering 10-50 times finer.

Vortisand® brought on Archtype3d to build a traveling trade show model to demonstrate the basic functions of their industrial filtrations system.

Client:  Vortisand®

Project Type: Marketing and Trade Show

Lead Model Designer: Michael Steinkoenig

Lakehouse Residences on 17th


Model: Size 4 feet X 6 feet, Scale 1″ = 8′

Site Location:

4202 W 17th Ave

Denver, CO 80204245

Project Info

Lakehouse is a beautiful new 196-unit condominium and rowhome development overlooking Sloan’s Lake in the heart of Denver, Colorado.

The model was a huge hit for NAVA’s information booth at the recent Cherry Creek Art Festival, named one of  “the 10 Best Arts Festivals in Colorado”, annually drawing more than 350,000 visitors.

Client:  Nava Real Estate Development

Completion: Updated July 9, 2018

Project Type: Residential

Lead Model Designer: Michael Steinkoenig

Let’s Build Something

Building 3D scale models since 1984. Our talented staff of model builders is ready to assist you in the design and build of your project.

Estimating Production Time For Your Architectural Model

We are your partners in this venture and accurate information is paramount to the success of the project. An accurate timeline will clearly delineate expectations. We promise to give you regular, accurate and transparent information on the progress of your project. We will post images when appropriate for all your team members to review. You will always be welcome at the shop for visits and inspections. If there is a problem that arises, we promise that you will be the first to know so that we can work together toward a solution.

Next Steps
We hope you have found this information to be helpful. But we also understand that it also probably generated many more questions than just the 10. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our shop and we can walk you through the process. We have been working with clients for over 30 years and look forward to working with you on your next project.

Display Elements For Your Architectural Model

What other display elements are needed (stand, cover, case)? How is your spectacular model going to be displayed?

The stand is an integral part of the model presentation. It can tie together the style of the model with the showroom design. There are several considerations that go into constructing a stand.

If you are building a showroom and working with a designer and carpenter to get it looking great, feel free to have them build the stand for the model. They can match the wood and finish exactly but we may need special considerations from this team. If we are not building the stand, we must work closely with those that are. The model has to fit comfortably but not so tight that you can’t get it out. If we are doing any lighting or electronics, easy access is needed for maintenance. Your stand maker is now part of the team and good communication is paramount.

We recommend dust covers on ninety percent of the models we build. Unless planned for, most models do not hold up well with people constantly touching them. Under a cover, we have models that have been on continuous display for over twenty years. Other models are built to be touched and they can hold up well but need to be built more durably.

The crate your model goes into can also be an important element to your presentation. If the model is a showroom or a trade show, the crate is simple, strong and heavy. Many models are taken to their audience and the crate needs to look more elegant to reflect what is inside. We have built custom wood crates with a nice stain finish, handles for easy carrying, and casters if they are a little heavy. We have also made “roady” style cases and “suitcase” models to be taken on an airplane. Answering question one “What is your model going to be used for” will go a long way to determine the best crate for a project.

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