Moscow, Russia

Recently, we were asked to create a pair of three dimensional architectural scale models for the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia. A new seven story office building is being constructed next to the existing Chancery building and, of course, nothing shows what the compound will look like once the project is completed better than a physical model. You may have hear that the original structure was compromised when we chose to use a Russian work force to build it. Much of the building was turned into a listening device for Moscow. As a result, only American workers were allowed to work on the new building and that included construction of the models.

One of the models is 30th scale and is designed to show the new structure in context by encompassing the entire embassy compound. The second model is 16th scale and is designed as a focus piece, centering on the highly detailed Chancery and New Office Annex, or NOX, buildings while cutting away much of the rest of the compound.

The site of the smaller scale model includes many details such as living quarters for the on site staff, tiered courtyards, glass roofed entry ramps, access gates, and a full compliment of surrounding mass buildings. The elevation change from one end of the site to the other is significant and required us to cut the topo foam for both models here at our facility in Erie, Colorado on a precision room sized, router-equipped pantograph machine. We also used our 3D printing capabilities to grow certain smaller pieces of the model which would have been difficult to create using traditional model making methods. The remainder of the model was cut, either by hand or by using one of our laser cutters, and assembled manually.

The NOX and Chancery buildings exhibit such details as spandrel, glass louvers, intricate mullions, a curved curtain wall, and entry way awnings that are surrounded by courtyards with large planters and intricate etched paver patterns. Despite being a relatively traditional model, in terms of the overall construction, the attention we paid to details such as stone texture, window treatments, fences, and frosted glass makes for a truly impressive finished product.

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