Scale Models can be top secret

We have constructed numerous display models for Lockheed Martin over the years. Unfortunately, Lockheed Martin works on many sensitive government projects and they are sensitive about me showing off top secret equipment. In order to avoid being thrown into the stockade, I have kept many of these really cool models to myself.

Models of existing existing equipment for trade shows

Luckily, the most recent archetype3d we have done for Lockheed Martin can be shown off because they are of equipment being used in airports and wind farms around the world. Check out the environmental models of the Wind Tracer! This is a cool device that airports use to identify dangerous wind conditions when airplanes are approaching the runway.

Small models sell big equipment

In order to show off the Wind Tracer while selling the technology to new markets, Lockheed Martin hired Archetype 3D to create several 3d scale models of this in three different scales in order to reach completely different venues.

Different scale models serve different purposes

One of the models is about 4″ across, a scale that is convenient for sales staff to carry with them to meetings or shows. We also built a larger version that is on display at the home office when it is not being used in a trade show setting. The smallest version is 1 centimeter across for use on an existing model of a wind farm to show relative scale.

This photo shows our model next to the actual Wind Tracer

Many scale model building techniques are used

Even a small model required many techniques to get right. Parts of this project were grown on our 3D printer. The main housing of this physical model though, was built from acrylic parts cut on our laser cutters. Brass fittings, screen material and custom paint were all needed to give this model a finished look.

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