There is a bridge in need of replacement. This happens a lot when a bridge gets old or in this case, sick, with concrete that is slowly rotting away. But how to replace a bridge in Los Angeles that is old, sick and totally famous?

The 6th street viaduct over the Los Angeles River has a reputation to keep since she has been featured in over 70 major motion pictures such as “Mask” and “S.W.A.T.”. Convincing a public to change a look that has an international distribution is not going to be easy.

Archetype 3D was asked to help by creating 3D models of five different designs to be shown in public meetings and discussions. After creating a base in three sections showing buildings roads and railroad tracks, we built multiple bridges to fit within the base pieces. This is a complex model with many parts and will be used for planning and public review. Here are a few images of the completed model with a few of the designs shown. If anyone in interested in seeing all of the options being proposed, send me a note and I will forward images on to you.

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