“Man, wouldn’t it be nice to upgrade the airport terminal, but what a mess it will cause…”

You know the site of any remodel will be chaos and the general public will have no idea what is happening. Angry calls and letters will surly follow.

Some of this public relations disaster is unavoidable, but most of it simply disappears after the public is allowed to see what the construction will bring. This was the case in Midland, Texas when the already small airport terminal building underwent a major renovation. The solution was placing a 3d model in the entrance where everyone using the airport would pass by and see what they were getting for their inconvenience.

This three dimensional model mitigated fears while providing good will. The model answered many questions before they were asked. Take a look at some of the images below and let us know some of your ideas of how a 3d model might help with a renovation project like this one.

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