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Expert Aerospace Model Builders 

Model Builders at Archetype3D®  have been producing world class scale aerospace models for over three decades. Our talented staff  work with the customer from start to finish during the design and build process. No detail is too small to ensure the customer’s expectations are met. We produce architecture models, commercial models, industrial models, engineering models, prototype models- really, we can build just about anything you can imagine. Contact us today and discover what is possible!

Perfectly-detailed models for Aerospace

Our model makers will come up with creative solutions to show off your designs. We build carefully designed models with exposed internal components. These models are designed to show off the working and functions of your design. Lighting and electronic elements can be added to help explain systems and processes. These models have been used for project bidding, trade shows, sales and education. We have also created complex topography models of distant worlds. Using satellite imagery and terrain mapping we can simulate the surface of planets and asteroids for use in scientific studies.

Satellite Telescope Model

Complex equipment can use a diagrammatic model to help demonstrate the components. This telescope mounts onto a satellite. The model can be rotated in all directions to show how it focuses, gathers light, and directs the light through sensors. ...

Aerospace Model Components

Very often I am asked to build something, the purpose of which is a mystery to me. Model making is sometimes about recreating shapes and size to a specific plan without any further explanation. These models fall into that category. We were asked...

Various Satellite Models

It is nice to have a scaled model or a full-sized model of a satellite. Once they are rotating around the earth, you need a pretty good telescope to see them. We have built satellite models for trade shows and as desktop displays. A lot of money...

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