I suppose that this is a sign that the economy is starting to turn. We just completed an elaborate sales model for a residential sales office. A few years ago we were building four of these a month but more recently these types of projects are fewer and farther between. East West Partners in South Carolina hired us to construct there new development called “7 Calhoun”

This model with internal lighting is a large project both physically and in the amount of detail included. It is always fun to work on scale models of commercial buildings that are out of state where we can build palm trees and let the ivy grow wild on the brickwork.

Elements of Landscaping Scale Model

The building forms a triangle with an internal courtyard. Fountains and Lilly ponds accent this lovely, quiet hideaway. The residence is also adjacent to a public park that is designed with many paths and seating areas.

The design of this project was lead by architect Stephen Ramos of LS3P Associates. A project of this complexity takes close communication during all phases of construction. The partnership between client, architect and scale model maker was very evident and successful in the construction of this spectacular display.

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