Scale Models of Churches & Campuses

Trinity K-12

What a beautiful and simple model this is. The problem was how to show an existing shipping center and then transform it easily and cleanly into a new K – 12 school. We designed this model to show every phase of removal and development in order. The durable...

Shumei Shumeikai, Crestone, CO

Crestone is a mountain town know for it’s numerous religious retreats. The Shumei International Institute hired us to build a scale  model of their entire campus. This 1″ = 20′ scale model give a natural feel of the environment while highlighting the...

Folsom Field Skyboxes, Boulder CO

When you attend a Colorado Football game it is important to get there early to see “Ralphie” the live buffalo mascot take a lap around the field. Unfortunately Ralphie was not shown of this model of the stadium but the important message of the stability and strength of the Colorado football program was delivered. The skyboxes are built and leased and the view of the games is spectacular.

Churches & Temples Collection

These models range in complexity from simple mass forms to detailed presentations. Raising money is always a challenge and quite often there is not much of a budget for the capital campaign. We at Archetype 3D work with religious organizations across the country providing them with sales models within strict budgets to help launch successful fundraising events.

Cherry Creek High

Planning boards, school boards, neighborhood residence, Everyone has an opinion on a new high school. Although construction will cost millions, there is not much money for marketing and display models. We built this model on a very tight budget focusing on the important items that were causing controversy. The layout of the building and the site were primary. The building details were not an issue. By focusing on the clients needs we were able to create a simplified but effective model, within the budget, that smoothed the way to approvals.

Alpine Campus

This is not a large campus and this new building represented a huge step forward in their ability to provide academic services. Their website features this building as the welcoming image for the campus. Our model was used as a public relations tool and helped to smooth the way for the campus to develop this beautiful building.